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Readers Respond: Which Radio Application Works Best with my Phone

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Applications now make it fairly easy to receive Internet streams, traditional radio, and even satellite programming on your cell phone. Which application have you found the most success with? Share with Other Readers

RadioTime Apps Rule Android

Any of the apps with the RadioTime directory are the best for Android. RadioTime has its own paid app ($1.99), but there's now a free, ad supported clone called TuneIn - which RadioTime recently bought. It's identical to the paid app, except for a window of ads at the bottom. WunderRadio has also launched its Android app ($6.99). Between one of the RadioTime-powered apps, Clear Channel's IHeartRadio, the Yahoo Radio app with CBS stations (most of which are also in RadioTime's directory) and the Flash 10.1 built into Android 2.2/Froyo, there's very little streaming radio you can't do on the Android platform now.
—Guest Inundated

Why no Public Radio on Blackberry?

I liked the list for the most part, but as a blackberry user, I had to say that there isn't really much choice when it comes to free stream players for us in the BB camp. I've just downloaded radioBEE, which HOPEFULLY will finally allow me to listen to my local public radio shoutcast stream. And does anyone else use Pandora? I think it's a bit better than Slacker, but that may just be personal preference.
—Guest Radio Nerd

BerryTunes, Mobiola, Radio Companion

BerryTunes, Mobiola, Radio Companion are the three apps I use to stream music, usually while driving. Virtual Radio and radioBee are also good, but not as easy to change stations on the go, but you can add stations to both (& Mobiola & Radio Companion). I also have FlyCast, but having to sign in every time is a HUGE pain! PocketStreamer did not work well at all on my phone and I rec'd a refund. I use a BB 8310 w/ AT&T with Edge.

fStream is free and easy to configure

The free Apple App Store program fStream is our preferred streamer. Our community internet radio station doesn't have the resources to make our own app so we promote fStream. It is free and you can add any station you want in a few quick steps. http://gtownradio.com/content/view/908/75/
—Guest gtownradio

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Which Radio Application Works Best with my Phone

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