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Radio: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Listen to Super Bowl 50 on Radio
Not everyone will be near a television to watch Super Bowl 50. But, if you're near a radio, you should be able to find a radio stream or radio station.
A Step-by-Step Tutorial to Creating Your Own...
The simplicity of Podcasting allows anyone to create their own talk show, music program, or specialty audio stream then easily distribute it to the world. It's not very hard, especially with some of the services available. Learn why to do it, how to do it, who are some radio pros doing it, a few legal tips about content, and why a Podcast is better than an Internet radio station.
SiriusXM Radio Pays Tribute to David Bowie
The life of David Bowie through his music will be highlighted on a limited-run channel on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Read more.
It's Alternative, It's Dirty. It's DirtyRadio.FM
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >In December of
Hey DJ! Learn How to DIY Your Own Internet...
Creating your own online radio station is not as difficult as you may think. There are various options and depending on your knowledge and skill level you can lean on a third party to do most of the grunt work or you can get your own hands dirty and do the nuts and bolts yourself. Here's how to go about deciding how to put your streaming Internet radio station online. Page 3.
10 Things not Everyone Knows About Radio
Think you know everything about Radio? I'll bet not. Here are 10 things most people do not know about Radio or do not know they can do with Radio. Go ahead: discover all 10.
SiriusXM Satellite Radio App: What's On? How...
Here is the lineup of additional channels available only on the SiriusXM App by genre.
iTunes Radio and Live365 Have Left the Building
The free version of iTunes Radio is no longer available and Live365.com is shutting down. Your Internet Radio is shrinking - and that's not good. Read more.
Before Buying a Wi-Fi Internet Radio Receiver,...
Internet Radio is great but who wants to have to sit down in front of a computer to listen? This problem is solved with the latest Wi-Fi Internet Radio receivers. All you need is a wireless router, broadband, and any of this hardware to free yourself - and music - from your computer for good.
The R.I.P List
The Federal Communications Commission has cracked down on Radio broadcasters over material deemed to be too explicit for broadcast. Record fines have been levied and Air Personalities have been fired. Here's a growing chronology of the major events surrounding this issue.
Create Your Own Radio Program in 6 Easy Steps
Have you been itching to broadcast yourself? Are you thinking about creating your own radio show or podcast? How do you start? Should I stream it or Podcast - and what does that mean? How do I record a show? What are formatics and are they important? How do I get guests? I'll answer these questions and more with a six-part series beginning with this article.
The Boys of Summer on Satellite Radio
SiriusXM Satellite Radio will provide subscribers with full coverage of the 2014 Major League Baseball All-Star Game.
How to Record Internet Radio for Free
A listing of links on the Radio site at About.com that feature information on how to record streaming audio, shareware and freeware designed to record streaming audio from online Radio stations, webcasts and other Internet audio sources plus reviews by your Radio Guide on particular streaming audio recorders.
How to Make an MP3 Demo for Radio
If you want to get a job on-the-air at a radio station, the first thing you'll need is a demo file to send to a Program Director. It is not that hard to create your audition or demo file if you prepare, practice and plan.
How to Listen to Internet Radio in Your Car
Looking for a few ways to easily listen to Internet streams in your car? Here are some good suggestions - and products - that won't cost you a lot of money.
Take a Tour of a Typical Radio Station
The beginning of a virtual tour of an AM,FM,Internet or Satellite Radio station studio, using photographs and with links for more information.
What Kind of Equipment Do I Need to Podcast?
You want to make your own podcast but you're not sure what you need to do that. The good news is you may already have some of what you need but chances are you'll still have to buy or acquire some tools. Here's what you need and where to get it.
How To Decide Which Satellite Radio Service Is...
There are two Satellite Radio services available: XM and SIRIUS. They're both good, so which one is right for you? By spending a little time reviewing their differences, you'll no doubt see which one should be your particular choice.
Sample Letter For Radio Intern Position
One of the best ways to break into Radio is by starting as an intern. Radio stations like interns because they're free. offering your services on a flexible, part-time basis is a great way to begin to learn the business.
Radio Glossary
Radio glossary of broadcasting terms used in the industries of AM, FM, HD, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Internet Streaming, and Podcasting.
The SiriusXM Satellite Radio Channel Lineup -...
Here is the lineup of channels available on SiriusXM by genre: Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Sports, Entertainment, etc. Plus: a link to a printable PDF.
SiriusXM Highlights 'Selma', New Golf, Soccer,...
SiriusXM Satellite Radio has announced a number of programming additions and changes including special programming for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, additional programs on their 24/7 golf channel, and some new talk radio options. Read more
The Best 'Getting Fired' Radio Audio You'll...
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How to Leverage Your Podcast into a Bigger...
It's funny: people are always saying traditional radio (AM and FM) are dead. Yet, I get a lot of email
Radio During Wartime
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SIRUS Satellite Radio Personalities
SIRIUS Satellite Radio offers a host of celebrity DJs and Personalities across its various channels. Here's a growing list.
10 Clicks To 10 Of The Best Alternative Rock...
In 10 clicks, your Radio Guide will introduce you to 10 of the best Alternative Rock stations around.
Build Your Own Online Radio Station with...
Radionomy.com has been making a name for itself outside the United States with an easy and free service for listeners and future radio bosses who think they can make a better online radio station. Alright, you're on. Radionomy will give you the tools to build it, name it, promote it, and even earn a little cash from it. Did I mention it's free? Read more.
Internet Radio - What is Internet Radio and How...
Internet radio has been around for some time now yet you may just be getting around to discovering this entertainment and information option. Find out more about Internet Radio in this article.
How Do I Break Into Radio?
Have you thought about getting into Radio but not sure how to go about it? Well, there are three basic ways people wind up on-the-air. Which one should you follow?
How to Record Phone Calls in Podcasts
Podcasters and Internet webcasters who conduct phone interviews as part of their programs often need a solution for capturing the phone audio. It's not terribly hard and there are many options for landline, wireless and voip telephones. Read more about the solutions for recording phone calls in your Podcasts or for your Internet Radio show.
How to Create Your Own Radio Program
Part 2: Stream or Podcast? Have you been itching to jump into personal broadcasting? Thinking about creating your own Radio show? How do you start? Should I stream it or Podcast? How do I record a show? What are formatics and are they important? How do I get guests? Find the answers to these questions and more in this six-part series.
So, You Wanna Work In Radio?
It's natural for people to wonder what being in Radio is all about, especially those considering it as a profession. My advice? RUN! RUN as FAST AS YOU CAN and don't look back! Read answers to real questions from a curious student.
The Greatest Radio Talk Show Hosts of All Time
Who are (or were) the Greatest Talk Show Hosts of all time? Have a look!
Country Music Online - Where to Hear Country...
There's plenty of Country music available on the Internet. Here are some suggested links to online streams of country music either from Internet-only Radio stations or traditional radio stations that also stream their terrestrial programming.
SIRIUS XM Radio - Understanding the Choices of...
This is a step-by-step comparison of the major features for SIRIUS XM Radio including: channels, online listening, cost, satellites, customer service, activation fee, cancellation fee, additional radio cost, and customer service options.
Today's DJ - What Types of DJs are There? What...
What is a DJ? What does the DJ Do? How is the DJ Different today than yesterday? What are the other names for DJs?
Digitally Recording and Mixing Software for...
Software empowers people and helps make Podcasts easier to do and better sounding. Like any other kind of software, the more you work with it, the better you become. Most of the software listed here is free. Try to work with it all to see what you like best. Read more.
Do You Have to Pay Music Royalties for a...
A site visitor wants to start an Internet radio station for fun, not profit. He might accept donations and thinks he can use his Rhapsody downloads as content. Is this legal?
Positive and Negative Changes in Radio
I hate looking at the glass as half-full and do what I can to fight off pessimism. That's why when I began thinking of an article about how radio has changed in the past ten years or so I decided it would be best to list not only negatives but, positives as well. Your list of eight things might be similar or completely different. After all, it's just my opinion. Read more.
Creating Your Own Internet Radio Station With...
Creating your own online Radio station is quite easy with the help of Live365.com. If you can upload a file and make some easy choices, you, too, can be an Internet Radio Station owner!
How We Define Radio - is Changing
What is broadcasting when it refers to Radio? Here are the many different types of broadcasting which fall under the wide umbrella of Radio.
How Many Radio Stations Are in the World?
How many radio stations are there in the world? It's quite a few! Here is the answer and a few more facts about radio stations, worldwide.
The List of Murdered Deejays, Hosts, and Radio...
Being on the Radio, whether as a music DJ or a controversial talk-show host, exposes you to many thousands or even millions of people each day. Every once-in-a-while, one of them decides they just hate you - for whatever reason - and takes matters into their own hands. Here's a list of just some violent acts against people with a Radio connection.
What is the Portable People Meter and How Does...
The Portable People Meter - PPM for short - is an electronic device used by Arbitron, a media marketing research firm, used to established listening habits on behalf of radio stations across the United States.
Opie and Anthony Fired!
Opie and Anthony's recent radio stunt where a couple had sex during a church service at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City has gotten them fired.
Hit The Post
Hit The Post < Back to Last Page >     < Full Glossary > Definition: An expression deejays use to describe
Audio Mixers For Creating Podcasts or Internet...
If you're planning to create your own Podcast or Internet Radio stream, a home studio that you're comfortable with is essential. Besides recording software and a microphone, a mixer can be an important tool in the creation process. Here are some suggested mixers under $100 and between $100 and $150 with descriptions and price comparisons provided by Pricegrabber.
Stop Set
Stop Set < Back to Last Page >     < Full Glossary > Definition: The place where commercials are played
10 Of The Best Classic Rock Stations
In 10 clicks, your Radio Guide will introduce you to 10 of the best Classic Rock stations around.
Front Sell
Front Sell < Back to Last Page >     < Full Glossary > Definition: This is the act of either introducing
Listen to Radio Anywhere with These Downloadabl...
Software Apps - applications - now make it easy to receive Internet streams, traditional AM and FM radio, and even SIRIUS XM satellite programming on your cell phone and iPad. Here are a few of the more popular solutions.
Radio: How to Get Your Foot in the Door
If you want to break into Radio, the most sound and sure way is to just get your foot-in-the-door. Time and time again, unpaid interns are offered opportunities as they arise in the course of business at Radio stations.
Dub < Back to Last Page >     < Full Glossary > Definition: A copy of a piece of audio. It can also be
Actives < Back to Last Page >     < Full Glossary > Definition: Listners who actively contact Radio stations
Share < Back to Last Page >     < Full Glossary > Definition: The number of persons who listened to a
SiriusXM Features Garth Brooks, Pitbull, The...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >New programming
Clutter < Back to Last Page >     < Full Glossary > Definition: An excessive number of commercials and
A Profile of Radio Personalities Johnjay & Rich
These are succinct biographical profiles of popular and extraordinary radio personalities and presenters. Many of these are of active hosts and some of them are of people who were pioneers and contributed to radio in almost immeasurable ways. This is a profile on Johnjay & Rich.
Record Streaming MP3 Files with Audio MP3 Sound...
This is a review of Audio MP3 Sound Recorder, a software application designed to easily record streaming webcasts and audio from online Radio stations, webcasts and other audio sources on Internet. It will also capture any audio from your computer's soundcard.
Profile: Bruce "Cousin Brucie" Morrow
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Born: October
Lured Back to Satellite Radio - Why I...
Last year, I discontinued my subscription with SIRIUS XM Radio after a series of events brought me to a crossroads of disappointment and frustration. After a five-year run with XM I just reached the point where I didn't feel it was worth it. I've re-subscribed and here's why.
Thinking of a Career in Radio? Some Good Tips...
Although the industry has shed itself of thousands of jobs over the past few years, there are opportunities for working in radio both on and off the air.
Soundbite < Back to Last Page >     < Full Glossary > Definition: A snippet of audio usually culled from
Profile: Radio Personality Herb Kent
These are succinct biographical profiles of popular and extraordinary radio personalities and presenters. Many of these are of active hosts and some of them are of people who were pioneers and contributed to radio in almost immeasurable ways. This is a profile on Herb Kent.
Miscue < Back to Last Page >     < Full Glossary > Definition: beginning an audio element too soon so
How to Find Your Favorite Radio Talk Shows...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Back on November
Top 10 Weird Things About Radio
Radio is a weird business but it gets even weirder when you begin to dig a little. This is a list of what I consider the Top 10 Weirdest Things About Radio. Enjoy this short trip through the bizarre and strange.
Hook < Back to Last Page >     < Full Glossary > Definition: The part of a song which makes it unique
Do You Need a License to be on the Radio?
Do you need a license to operate a radio station? Well, it used to be quite complicated but not anymore! Read more.
How to Listen to the Daytona 500 on the Radio
The 2014 Daytona 500 Race is February 23. If you're looking to hear the race on radio there are satellite choices, streaming audio, and Internet apps. Read more.
SiriusXM Satellite Radio's Christmas and...
SiriusXM is offering 10 different holiday channels this holiday season including many genres covering Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Here's what's on and when.
The 10 Podcast Commandments
Your podcast is what you make it. And if you want to make it better; if you want to improve it to attract more listeners; if you want a podcast that sounds good and makes you look even better then I offer the 10 Podcast Commandments. I made the list based on what I've learned over the years in radio, what I've learned from interviewing successful podcasters, and my gut feelings. Read More.
9 Things You Probably Did Not Know About Ronald...
As the world remembers President Ronald Reagan upon his passing, many stories of his past are being told. You may have heard the former President did a stint as a radio sportscaster. You may have not heard the details. Read more.
Create Your Own Live Internet Broadcast at...
uBroadcast allows anyone to easily set up an Internet video broadcast and begin transmitting almost instantly from any location with uBroadcast's software and an Internet connection.
VOA: Voice of America
What exactly is the Voice of America? Here's a list of quick facts: What you need to know about the Radio broadcasting arm of VOA.
A Profile of Radio Personality Chris Tarrant
These are succinct biographical profiles of popular and extraordinary radio personalities and presenters. Many of these are of active hosts and some of them are of people who were pioneers and contributed to radio in almost immeasurable ways. This is a profile on Chris Tarrant.
Outrageous, Funny, and Sometimes Perplexing...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Not long ago President
Internet Radio Deejay Gives Advice on How to...
Is your dream to become a music deejay? Have you ever wanted to have your own radio show where you pick some of the music and make the decisions? Toby Chicago lives that dream - and here's how you can, too!
Tips for Creating Your Own Radio Show
The last step toward creating your own radio show is promoting yourself. And that does not necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money, either. Here are some good suggestions for getting the word out.
Android Phone Radio Apps
Software Apps - applications - now make it easy to receive Internet streams, traditional AM and FM radio, and even SIRIUS XM satellite programming on your Android phone. Here are a few of the more popular solutions.
Put the CC Skywave Portable Radio in Your Go...
The CC Skywave radio from C. Crane is a powerful but lightweight portable radio with a small footprint and a host of features. Read more.
Cheap Tricks for Promoting Your Internet Radio...
The Internet has made having your own streaming radio station, radio show, or podcast a reality. But, it's one thing to build it - it's another thing to get someone to listen. That requires promotion and marketing. Here are some inexpensive ideas.
The Fairness Doctrine - An Antiquated...
For about 26 years between 1949 until 1985, Radio adhered to a government policy called The Fairness Doctrine. After it was eliminated, conservative talk radio made a stunning rise in popularity, led by Rush Limbaugh. Now, some critics are calling for The Fairness Doctrine to be brought back.
Oldies and Classic Rock Online
Listening to online Radio and webcasts from both streaming Internet-only Radio to traditional Radio stations that stream, has become easier. There are many choices in any genre from Alternative to country, pop to classical and everything in between. Here are links, by format, to get you started.
SIRIUS Radios Now in Target Stores
SIRIUS satellite radio says SIRIUS radios are now available at over 500 selected national Target locations. Read more.
XM and SIRIUS Satellite Radio For Your Motorcycle
If you enjoy the freedom of cruising down an open highway on your motorcycle but are always looking for a way to enhance the experience even more - how about Satellite Radio? There are specially designed mounting kits that work with several XM and SIRIUS Satellite Radio products. Read more.
Radio Host Jay Towers: A Short Bio
Here's a short bio and profile of long-time Detroit radio and TV personality, Jay Towers.
A Profile of Radio Personality Blair Garner
These are succinct biographical profiles of popular and extraordinary radio personalities and presenters. Many of these are of active hosts and some of them are of people who were pioneers and contributed to radio in almost immeasurable ways. This is a profile on Blair Garner.
How Do Those DJs Always Talk Right Up To The...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >A site visitor
Creating Your Own Radio Program - Tools For...
So far in this 6-part series, we've discussed picking your subject matter, making it appeal to listeners, and whether you should create an Internet radio station to stream your shows or Podcast. Now it is time to look at some of the hardware and software options available to you including free and commercial software, audio mixers, microphones, accessories, tips on how to record guests on the telephone and even how to make those long distance calls for free! Part 3: Tools For Recording
How to Complain to the F.C.C.
If you have every wanted to file a complaint with the F.C.C. - the Federal Communications Commission, it's easier than you think. Here are the details.
Can The F.C.C. Censor Your Internet Radio...
A site visitor wants to create his own Internet radio station, but is concerned. Can the F.C.C. censor any of the content on it? Here's the answer.
Watch the Famous Turkey Drop Episode of 'WKRP...
One of the funniest moments in Radio stunt history took place on a famous 1978 episode of the sitcom
Top 10 Significant Milestones in Modern Radio
Radio today - Modern Radio - is a far cry from Radio just a decade ago. What was once the sole domain of AM and FM has now been intruded upon by new technologies like Satellite Radio, Internet Radio, Cell Phone Radio, Podcasts, and more. How did we get from just AM and FM to all this? Here are the Top 10 Significant Milestones in Modern Radio. (Opinion)
A Profile of Radio Personality Sean Hannity
These are succinct biographical profiles of popular and extraordinary radio personalities and presenters. Many of these are of active hosts and some of them are of people who were pioneers and contributed to radio in almost immeasurable ways. This is a profile on Sean Hannity.
How Many Radio Stations are There in the United...
How many radio stations are there in the United States of America? Here's the answer.
Why Some Radio Station Call Letters Begin With...
Why do some U.S. radio station call letters begin with
TJ Taormina: An Overnight Success Story that...
TJ Taormina will become the new morning show host at Boston's 103.3 AMP Radio beginning in April. It's a great gig in a wonderful radio market. He's an overnight success that took years in the making. Read more.
A Profile of Talk Show Host John Batchelor
This is a short profile of radio talk show host John Batchelor.
How to Create Your Own Radio Jingles
A visitor to Radio.about.com wants to know how it is possible to create some good jingles for his radio program. Believe it or not, it can be done for almost nothing - or - for a few bucks you can actually get one of the greatest jingle companies in the world to do it for you. Read more.
NPR's Podcast Audio Archive
NPR, National Public Radio, offers an extensive choice of current and archived podcasts from it's popular programming. Here's what's available.
"How Come One Company Owns All The Radio...
Sometimes it seems like one company owns all the Radio stations and they all sound the same from city to city. Is it true? And if so, how did it get to be this way? Finally: a simple explanation.
What's a Mixer and Do I Need One to Create a...
What is a mixer and do you need one to create a Podcast? Mixers can be analog or digital and depending on what kind of Podcast or radio show you're going to create, you may need one or both. Here's what a mixer does and why it might help you.
SIRIUS Satellite Radio Adds Five New Channels...
SIRIUS Satellite Radio has announced that it will add five new music channels to its lineup on Wednesday, July 7 including 24/7 Elvis, eclectic Rock 'n Roll, party beats, trance, and music for the beach. Read more.
A Profile of Radio Personality Delilah
These are succinct biographical profiles of popular and extraordinary radio personalities and presenters. Many of these are of active hosts and some of them are of people who were pioneers and contributed to radio in almost immeasurable ways. This is a profile on Delilah.
The Clear Channel Banned Songs List
One of the most famous stories of banned songs occurred several days after September 11, 2001. It's alleged a list of songs not to play was issued by Clear Channel Radio to company Program Directors. There's more to this story - read it here.
Get a Job in Radio Sales
A visitor to the Radio site at About.com wants to know if it's hard to break into radio sales and if one needs to have any prior knowledge of the Radio business. Actually, radio stations are always looking for talented producers and are willing to train motivated people who they think are right for the job. Read more.
Who is Bobby Bones?
Bobby Bones? You've probably been hearing about this guy and you're wondering who is he? Well, he's probably the fastest rising Country radio morning personality in the U.S. That's all. Read more.
What Is Audio Editing And Why Do It? - Part 2...
What is Audio Editing and Why Do it? This article briefly tells of the history of audio editing from magentic tape to toda's digital software. Plus a link to a free and very powerful audio editor you can practice editing with.
TuneIn Radio App for Android Acts Like DVR for...
TuneIn Radio has released a new version of its Android mobile app that enables users to pause, rewind and record live radio streams, a feature previously only available to iPhone/iPad owners. TuneIn has also released a free version for the iPhone/iPad. Now Android and iPhone users can choose a free or a Pro edition with pause and recording. Read More.
Starting Up Your Own Internet Radio Station: Is...
A Radio site visitor writes: I am thinking about starting a personal Internet radio station on live365, or similar service provider. Although it appears easy enough, and the price is certainly affordable, before I commit and start something like this I would like to know what the caveats are. Here's the answer.
Spreaker Makes it Easy to Create Your Podcast
Spreaker.com is an easy solution for podcasters and people who want to create and distribute online audio. You can start for free and pay for more advanced levels. Free software, too!
Who is Conservative Radio/TV Host David Webb?
A profile of Sirius XM Patriot (channel 125) radio host David Webb, who is based in the New York City area and is the founder of a Tea Party activist group.
SiriusXM Debuts Joel Osteen Radio, Offers Kenny...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >SiriusXM Satellite
Radios for Emergencies and Disasters
The risk of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, other natural disasters and even terrorism should make us all think about preparedness. Are you prepared for any of these situations? Do you have an Emergency radio? You should and here's why.
Listen to Top 40 Radio Online
Top 40 - also known as 'Pop' Music (from 'Popular') - and sometimes referred to as 'Contemporary Hit Music' reflects the listening mainstream and features songs pulled from various genres: hip hop, country, alternative and anywhere else a hit song can be found. Here are suggested Links for listening online.
A Virtual Tour of the Equipment Used For AM,...
If you ever wondered what it looks like inside an AM, FM, Internet, or Satellite Radio station studio, here's a short virtual tour of a typical setup using photographs and featuring additional links to more in-depth information.
The Music You Enjoy On Your Favorite Radio...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >A site visitor,
Why do Radio Stations Change Formats?
Some stations seem to change formats yearly. Others stay the same for long periods of time and then suddenly, quite unexpectedly, change for no apparent reason. Here's why.
Who Are Ron and Fez From SiriusXM Radio?
Personal issues are tearing professional relationships apart on this radio program. Find out why.
Additional celebrity SIRIUS On-Air Personalities
SIRIUS Satellite Radio features many high-profile celebrity DJs, Talk Show Hosts, and Air Personalities. Here are some short profiles.
Could YOU be a Rock Radio Music Director?
Take a quiz and find out Could YOU be a Rock Radio Music Director?
Find Baseball Audio On Local Radio Stations,...
Looking to hear your favorite baseball team but you don't know where to begin? Whether you live in the city it plays or have been transplanted thousands of miles away from the team you love, there are many options for getting your fix of the Great American Past Time.
Men's College Basketball, March Madness, and...
If you're looking for a way to hear the NCAA Men's basketball tournament play leading up to the Final Four and championship game, there are various radio options available from local AM and FM stations, to the Internet, and even satellite radio. Read more.
Want Christmas Music on Radio? Look Here!
Need a Christmas music fix? There are many online streams, satellite-originated, and traditional terrestrial AM and FM radio stations playing it! Here's a quick Christmas Radio Music Guide.
Tommy Ramone Tribute on SiriusXM
Tommy Ramone, the last surviving member of the 1970s punk rock band, the Ramones, has died. SiriusXM is airing a tribute and here are the times and channel.
Putting Your Voice on the Internet: Should I...
I'm often asked by visitors to this site how to start an Internet radio station. But, often they are over-thinking it. Offering audio on the Internet can be done in many ways and it just keeps getting easier.
The Halloween Radio Show that Panicked the Nation
On October 30, 1938, Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre performed a radio play based on an H.G. Wells story entitled 'War of the Worlds'. Even though disclaimers were aired, the force of the medium - and presentation - was powerful enough to panic some of the public. Read more.
The Steve and DC Morning Show
These are succinct biographical profiles of popular and extraordinary radio personalities and presenters. Many of these are of active hosts and some of them are of people who were pioneers and contributed to radio in almost immeasurable ways. This is a profile on Steve and DC
Satellite Radio Reaches Adolescence
Satellite Radio turns 13-years-old this month (September). Some things are great about it and some things - not so great. Here's what I think.
Rush Limbaugh's Addiction On Newsweek Cover
Following Radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh's admission that he is addicted to prescription painkillers, Newsweek magazine is featuring him on the magazine's cover, with an in-depth story.
Radio Shows and Podcasts for Surviving an...
If you feel the need to prepare for an eventual catastrophic calamity, a terrorist attack, natural disaster, or Mayan Calendar prediction then you might like some tips from some of the radio shows and podcasts available online for survivalists. Read more.
A Profile of Radio Personalities Armstrong...
These are succinct biographical profiles of popular and extraordinary radio personalities and presenters. Many of these are of active hosts and some of them are of people who were pioneers and contributed to radio in almost immeasurable ways. This is a profile on Armstrong & Getty.
Radio DJ Deaths: The "Crash Curse" And Oher...
Looking at the record, Radio DJs have had their share of untimely deaths - many due to auto and plane crashes, some because of suicides and even a freak accident or two. Read more.
Andrea Tantaros Now Heard on Daily Radio Show
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Andrea Tantaros
Old Radio - New Radio
The Radio landscape that was once dominated by only AM and FM stations has dramatically changed over the past 10 years both within the industry and beyond its borders. Between Internet streams, Satellite radio, iPods and more - the case can be made that we need to start referring to Old Radio and New Radio. Read more.
How To Get Anything Plugged On The Radio
Whether you're trying to promote a club or service organization event, a new product or even your business, here's how to get free air time, a plug, publicity or press on the radio.
My Growing Radio Entitlement
Listening to SiriusXM Satellite Radio on my iPad via Delta Airlines free WiFi at 30,000 feet is a long cry from the days of static-burdened AM radio. I'm officially spoiled. (Opinion)
How to Easily Create Your Own Podcast
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >You want to create
Who's Right? New and Old Media Duel Over...
Traditional AM and FM radio has never been stronger, according to a new survey done on behalf of Clear Channel Media and Entertainment. AM and FM radio will soon be washed up according to a new survey done on behalf of online radio portal, Stitcher. It's a battle for the hearts and minds - and ears - of listeners. Read more.
New Channels Coming to SiriusXM Satellite Radio
SiriusXM Satellite Radio is introducing some new channels beginning August 13, 2015 including Velvet, SiriusXM Fly, Fox News Headlines 24/7 and more. Here are more details.
Pandora Radio for Halloween!
Pandora, the customizable radio service, has created eight different flavors of Halloween radio to satisfy any need: a party, the music playing outside your front door, or even a romantic October 31 get-together with a favorite vampire. See what they have.
Radio "Online" and its Different Meanings
Radio Online means several different things depending on the context. Here are the most popular meanings of Radio Online.
USB Microphone Suggestions for Podcasters
USB microphones simplify the process of voice recording for Podcasts and other projects. Their plug and play aspect makes them easy to configure and there are several moderately priced choices to fit most budgets. Read more and compare prices.
Podcasting and Broadcasting with Your Smart Phone
Your smart phone is an amazing piece of technology and no matter what you want to achieve with it, there seems to be an app. How about Podcasting - even broadcasting? Yeah, you can do that, too. Here are a few examples of how a few apps and a smart phone are changing the way we look at how audio can be originated, manipulated, and distributed. Read more.
Danny Bonaduce Hired for Mornings at 102.5 KZOK...
Danny Bonaduce will be the new morning personality at KZOK/Seattle. He'll begin on-the-air November 14 and be accompanied by News Director Sarah, who has worked with Bonaduce the past two years. Read more.
SiriusXM Satellite Radio Coverage
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