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XM and SIRIUS Satellite Radio For Your Motorcycle

Installation Kits - Receivers - Mounting Accessories


There you are on the open road gliding along at 75 on your Harley wondering to yourself: "What could be better than this?"

How about Satellite Radio for your bike?

A recent email to the Radio site at About.com brought the subject up:

I'm new to all this stuff, and don't know anything about any of it. I ride a motorcycle, a Honda Goldwing, and I am considering going to Satellite Radio. I have several questions since I know nothing about this product. Can I add Satellite Radio to a Motorcycle? If so what do I need to purchase? What would be the general cost range to get everything I need to get set up? - Myles

Well, you've got some great choices. J&M Audio Products offers several installation kits created especially for motorcycles including the: Honda GL-1800, Harley Davidson Road King, Harley Davidson Softail and kits for most cruiser-style motorcycles.

For instance, there is the DXM-MKHU XM Satellite Installation Kit, for the 1998 & later Harley ElectraGlide/Ultra Classic series with the handlebar mounted fairing. This kit works with either the SKYFi or SKYFi2 and is priced at $329.99.*

According to the website: "[The] Kit includes a custom made three pocket storage pouch, Delphi mounting hardware in the center pouch position, 12v power and ground filters, RF modulator module, XM satellite antenna, weather cover, all mounting hardware and installation instructions."

There is also the DXM-MKHU-MD Kit which is designed for the handlebar mounted fairing and medium height windshield for $329.99.

J&M also offers various options for Harley Davidson bikes and universal Satellite Radio mounting kits for both cruiser and touring style motorcycles.

You should note these prices do not include the actual XM Radio which you need to purchase separately.

J&M offers other installation choices which may be just right for your situation. If not, there are other websites to look at.

TwoWheelRadio.com offers a handful of installation solutions and XM receivers including an inexpensive angled antenna bracket for the Roady model which can also be used with the SKYFi.

DallasMotorCycles.com also carries a line of kits and accessories including XM and SIRIUS solutions including the XM Roady 2, XM Roady XT, SIRIUS Streamer GT, and more. <P> DallasMotorCycles.com also allows you to "...order individual mounting components..."

Sierra Electronics has a good selection of SIRIUS Satellite Radio compatible receivers, installation kits, and separate accessories for the GL1800, ElectraGlide, RoadGlide, Valkrie Interstate and additional options for most cruiser motorcycles.

Before you purchase, I would suggest familiarizing yourself with the XM and SIRIUS product lines by taking the XM Satellite Radio Hardware and Receiver Product Tour or the SIRIUS Satellite Radio Hardware and Receiver Product Tour I've put together for you.

As with any product that you use in conjunction with your motorcycle - especially one that has the potential to distract you - be careful and be safe.

(*Prices quoted in this article were accurate at the time of writing in April 2007 but may have changed since then.)

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