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XM Satellite Radio To Raise Basic Monthly Subscription Price

Dateline: 02/28/05


Today XM Satellite Radio today announced a price increase in basic service to also include and expanded basic service package. The monthly subscription price for XM's basic service will increase from $9.99 to $12.95 beginning April 2, 2005.

XM is offering existing customers the opportunity to lock in the current $9.99 monthly rate with a one-year prepaid plan and deeper discounts with a two, three, four, or five-year prepaid plan until April 2.

The price change will not affect XM's Family Plan, which allows XM subscribers to add up to four additional subscriptions for $6.99 a month per radio.

Beginning April 2, XM's expanded basic service will include the Internet service XM Radio Online, comprised of more than 70 channels of music and talk programming (previously $3.99 per month), and the High Voltage channel, featuring the talk radio duo Opie & Anthony (previously $1.99 per month).

Hugh Panero, XM President & CEO, said, "This new pricing approach will help fund future technology development, enable us to offer more attractively-priced radios and maintain our programming excellence. Together, these initiatives should result in XM exceeding its current target of 20 million customers by 2010."

- From an XM Satellite Radio News Release

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