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The Radio Station Holiday Potluck Lunch

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Radio is no different from other businesses when it comes to lightening up the workplace mood around the holidays. Often, someone in the office staff takes the lead in organizing the annual "Holiday Potluck" lunch. This is usually an uncomfortable hour during the middle of the day when people try to remember other co-worker's names who they generically greeted with "Hello..." in the hallways for the past 12 months. They swore they were going to find out half of their co-worker's names - but the impending potluck has now rendered that plan too little, too late.

Why the name problem in radio? Well, years ago it used to be that people in radio (especially on-air) were always being fired. Hence, the constant churning of personnel left the stable employees (usually office and sales) in constant name-learning mode. In today's radio environment, there are just fewer people working in all areas so the chances of actually running into someone in the hallways and having to remember a name are quite low. That's why most people in radio call each other things like "pal," "bud," "missy," and "girl."

Guy: "Hey Missy: haven't seen you forever! Everything alright?"

Girl: "You bet, Bud! Did I hear you closed the Peterson account? Wow!"

(By the way, neither was ever seen again in the hallways of "96.5 K-WTF" though telltale signs of their employment was later discovered in the recesses of the staff refrigerator. Two Arby's cups with scribbled names were sent to the Business Manager's office where forensics revealed they were terminated during a four week period called "March.")

Ye Who Make Bread Together, Should Not Break it

The Holiday Potluck brings everyone together so they can break bread with strangers. That's fine for your church, not so fine for a working environment. We can accept "The Last Supper" but nobody wants to be caught at "The Worst Lunch."

Seriously, have you seen the people who work in radio? These are probably the last individuals in the world you would want at your dinner table! Half of them remember when "potluck" was how the day was going to turn out after the Independent Record Promoter paid a visit to the station to talk about that crappy new single he was pushing for airplay.

And, if you're really lucky the morning man will show up with his probation officer.

Not to mention having to interact with the sales department. These are the same people who spent the last three days decorating a tree with ornaments made out of empty airline size bottles of Jack Daniels.

The annual potluck is rife with people whose names you don't know who are burdened with more personal baggage than a TSA officer who checks luggage at the airport.

And they want you to cook something and bring it?

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