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Virtual Turntables to be the DJ and Mix Your Own Beats

Have you ever wanted to be the Club DJ? Think you would be pretty good at mixing CDs, mp3s, scratching records and making it all sound pretty good? Here is your chance. There are several really great "virtual" online turntable setups - just waiting for you to step up and turn them on.

Wortel Drie's DJ-trainer
"An online musical instrument with 10 professional soundbanks. Make your own club, dancemusic, trance, reggae or even jazzdance and samba. And do it live!"

Use the sliders to control the instruments, volume and sample effect. (This loads a little slow so be patient)

Designed by a DJ for DJs featuring: manual and automatic BMP counters, auto BMP matching, support for mp3, wav, and ogg formats, 8 built-in sound effects, real-time recording to mp3, and more. FREE!

CD Scratch
This is a free "Virtual Turntables CD Player" that you can download. The developer says you can "Play two songs from the same CD at the same time - one forwards and one in reverse! Scratch a CD track back and forth like a record, or listen to your favorite CD automatically mixed between the turntables."

Very cool virtual drums - very visual.

Virtual DJ - Scratch Simulator
This is great fun! It's an online mixer so you can scratch and sample your own great mix.

You'll find two choices of mixing setups here: old school and new school. Enjoy!

Regurgitator Virtual DJ
"Regurgitator are back with 'Eduardo & Rodriguez Wage War On T-Wrecks' featuring their smash new single 'Fat Cop'. Get the turntables going and have a go at mixing tracks from the album."

Buckle Sound Mixer
This is a virtual sound mixer - a little different from the rest of the links in this area. Instead of a drum interface, you get a mixing unit with buttons and sliders for mixing pre-recorded instruments.

DJ Boo Boo
"DJ Boo Boo™ is a revolutionary new Digital DJ that spins MP3s instead of records while interacting with the crowd in a way that would be impossible for a human DJ."

Virtual Drum Machines
Over 30 drum machines you can play online, courtesy of keyboardmuseum.org

Buckle Virtual Drum Set
This is a sim of a real drum set. It includes 3 presets to get you going. Plus, you can bank on any drum or cymbal you want.

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