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Vintage Radio Air Checks: 1950s Through Today

Listen to recordings of DJs from the past, from the 1950's through today. Whether it's a DJ you remember growing up with or an air personality you heard in another city, plenty of audio is available on the Web.

The Reel Top 40 Radio Repository
This site bills itself as "The Authentic Aircheck Museum of Classic Top 40 Radio". You'll find archived broadcasts of famous DJs from the '60s, '70s and '80s.

WPGC Scoped Airchecks
Here you can listen to scoped air checks from WPGC spanning the years 1960 through 1984. "Scoped" means the middles of songs and commercials have been deleted so the radio personality or deejay can be listened to without extraneous audio.

Musicradio 77 WABC
Airchecks, history, surveys and more. "The Greatest Top Forty Music Radio Station of All Time!"

RadioTapes.com features "...historical audio samples from Minneapolis/St. Paul radio stations."

WMCA: Fabulous 57
Airchecks, History, Jingles and more from WMCA-AM, "The Good Guys", a legendary New York Top 40 station from the past.

Twin Cities Radio Airchecks
This site contains airchecks of various Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) radio stations.

The Classic CKLW Page
A tribute to the Canadian giant which set the standard for Top 40 stations

California Aircheck
This is a reputable commercial company that acquires and sells Radio air-checks.

Vuolo Video Air-Chex
Vuolo Video Air-Chex offers video versions of some classic radio airchecks featuring some of Radio's greatest personalities, DJs and special Radio events.

RadioVille provide links to other air-check and tribute sites.

Boss Radio Forever
Highlights from the legendary KHJ, Los Angeles during its heydey.

European Radio Airchecks
Airchecks from the '80s and '90s including the famous Radio Luxembourg, Radio North Sea, Radio Kingston, Hilversum 3, Radio Rotterdam and Atlantic 252 among others.

Rock Radio Scrapbook Aircheck Collection
Rock Radio Scrapbook features Radio Canadian airchecks from the '50s through today along with some special recorded sound from "last" shows of famous DJs.

The Classic Radio Time Machine
Air-checks from various stations and DJs from the 1970s and 1980s. Also: some great links for Radio fans.

Capital Radio 539 from London 1973 and later
Capital Radio 539 in London is a well-loved broadcasting icon. Listen to some of their great moments.

Northeast Airchecks
Northeast Airchecks specializes in Radio audio from famous stations and personalities in the Northeast region of the United States. This is a massive archive of great listening!

Radio Caroline Air Checks and Audio
Radio Caroline was a legendary Pirate radio station which operated offshore and rocked England beginning in the 1960's.

Bob Gilmore's Radio and Airchecks
Gilmore's website features a listing of his Aircheck collection, spanning stations from all 50 states and around the world. He trades airchecks with other enthusiasts.

Collectors and Traders
Here you'll find email links to others who collect radio airchecks and jingles.

WHB - The World's Happiest Broadcasters
A tribute site to WHB, Kansas City during it's golden years.

File Sharing You Won't Get Sued For: Radio Air Checks
If you've grown tired of the RIAA's file-sharing threats, how about checking out some audio files nobody will hassle you about? Radio air-checks featuring the greatest DJs and music of all time are there for the listening and even recording. Find out more.

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