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Radios for Emergencies and Disasters

In the Event of Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, and Terrorism


Compact Flashlight/Radio--dynamo, No Batteries, Hand Crank Radio and Flashlight

Compact Flashlight/Radio--dynamo, No Batteries, Hand Crank Radio and Flashlight

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In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans area and most people were terribly unprepared - even those who evacuated.

The effect of Katrina - damage, loss of life, and general chaos - was compared to a terrorist attack and even an atomic bomb exploding.

The only communication that dependably continued after all the power grids, cell phone and other infrastructure collapsed was one radio station: WWL-AM.

Whether it's a hurricane, tornado, flood, fire or terrorism attack, you need to be ready.

Are you prepared? Any preparations you make should absolutely include a radio. But, not just any radio - one designed for emergency situations and preferably, one manufactured to operate independently from electricity or batteries.

Emergency Radios are varied and affordable. Every family should have one. Below I have put together some options for emergency radios and radio/apparatus combinations with suggested prices, descriptions, and price comparison links from PriceGrabber. If you are serious about the safety of your family, you should seriously consider these options.

Compact Flashlight/Radio Dynamo, No Batteries, Hand Crank Radio and Flashlight, Emergency Zone, Emergency Communication
MSRP: $19.95
PriceGrabber says: "This compact device serves three purposes. It is an AM FM radio, a flashlight and a mobile phone charger. The adapter for cell phone charging is sold separately."
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L.L.Bean Solar Dynamo Radio Light II
PriceGrabber says: "A must-have item for your emergency kit, bedside stand or car. Compact and portable. Battery charges with solar or crank. Receives AM, FM and all seven NOAA weather stations. Built-in cell phone charger and bright LED flashlight. Polycarbonate resin with a metallic finish. Imported."
MSRP: $29.95
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Eton Etn FR360R Solarlink
PriceGrabber says: "Self-Powered Digital AM/FM/NOAA Radio with Solar Power, Flashlight and Cell Phone Charger.
MSRP: $49.99
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Eton Etn American Red Cross ARCFR600R Solarlink
PriceGrabber says: "Digital AM/FM/SW/NOAA S.A.M.E. Weather Radio with Flashlight, Siren, Solar and CellPhone Charger."
MSRP: $79.99
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Soladyne 7410 AM/FM Solar & Hand Crank Radio/LED Flashlight
PriceGrabber says: "Solar panel provides up to 5 3/4 hours of radio and 5 hours of light with 8 10 hours of sunlight. Dynamo hand crank charging provides up to 20 minutes of radio 30 minutes of light and 3 minutes of cell phone talk time with 1 minute winding."
MSRP: $99.99
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