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Animal Radio Reaches Pet Lovers Every Weekend

Two-Hour Show Now Heard On 100 Radio Stations


Betty White and Dog

Betty White and Dog

Photo: Animal Radio
Weekend programming on radio has always been a problem for Program Directors and a boon to part-time employees and syndicated radio shows that were willing to pick up the slack when the full-time personalities were gone for a couple of days of R&R.

Over the years there have been all kinds of solutions to keep radio stations going in the hopes of entertaining listeners like: music countdown shows, gardening shows, financial shows, computer shows, sub-genre music shows, and even shows that appear to be shows but are actually just 60 minute paid commercials, etc.

Basically, weekend radio has historically been a crap shoot. As a rule, the bigger the market - the better programming you can expect to hear on weekends. But, when you start getting down into the hundreds and two hundreds in market size, the guy who sells kitchen cabinets during the week can all-of-a-sudden be hosting a one-hour program on DIY projects.

Yet, given all the possible pitfalls of listening on Saturdays and Sundays, good shows have still risen to the surface. Open slots in odd hours have offered opportunity for some talented people and good radio ideas to be nurtured into maturity.

Who Let the Dogs Shout?

Animal Radio has given a voice to dogs and cats and the owners who love them. It's now heard on over 100 AM and FM stations across the United States as well as XM Satellite Radio (channel 166). Animal Radio can also be streamed online at AnimalRadio.com. The two-hour show says it now has over 350,000 listeners-a-week. It all began in 1999 when Hal Abrams bid goodbye to a 17-year routine of doing morning radio and struck out on his own. He is now co-hosts the show with Judy Francis, also the Executive Producer.

Anything and everything about pets is fair game on the show. A recent program talked about testicle implants for your dog, a bar in the UK that serves beer to dogs, and something called "Petscaping."

Celebs Pitch In

Over the years, this weekend program has featured a procession of celebrities who also love animals like Frankie Avalon, Bob Barker, John O'Hurley, Joy Behar, Loretta Swit, Steve Garvey, Davy Jones, and others.

Coming up the weekend of February 4, 2012, Betty White will guest host on the show. The 90-year-old animal advocate, who sits on the board of the Los Angeles Zoo and the Morris Animal Foundation, says she is more active with animals than acting. Animal Radio co-host Hal Abrams says when asked if she is a dog or cat person, White says, "I love anything with a leg on each corner."

The Animalradio.com website features embedded audio players for the current show as well as an archive of program going back to 2005. You can playback audio for shows either by year and date or by browsing through the details of each episode.

The AnimalRadio.com website also has a newsletter you can subscribe to, a Pet Resource Center, message board, product reviews, and book club reviews.

For more information, go to AnimalRadio.com.

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