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Popular Syndicated Radio Shows

Here you will find a list of the more popular syndicated radio shows and hosts. These are the proven, popular and "creme of the crop" personalities in Radio today!

Radio Hands Huckabee A Bigger "Mike"
Former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, seems capable of conquering any medium. He has a successful weekend show on Fox News Channel, book deals, and now his daily radio commentary feature has led to a new daily 3 hour radio show. Read more.

Animal Radio Reaches Pet Lovers Every Weekend
In 1999, veteran radio personality, Hal Abrams, had an idea for a weekend radio show devoted to pets. Animal Radio was born and since then, it has grown to being heard on over 100 AM and FM affiliates as well as XM Satellite Radio. Read more.

Ryan Seacrest Celebrates Syndication Milestone
Ryan Seacrest Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of American Top 40

The Cooper Lawrence Show
Cooper Lawrence is a relationship and psychology expert who has also authored several books. Her show is heard weekday evenings.

The Al Sharpton Show
Besides his civic and political involvements, the Reverend Al Sharpton also is host of "The Al Sharpton Show", syndicated by Radio One.

The Back Porch Show
Mitchell Keller is the host of this nationally syndicated Country music radio show which reaches 6 million listeners weekly.

The Alan Colmes Show
The Alan Colmes Show is heard on Fox News Radio. Colmes provides a liberal point-of-view.

The Wendy Williams Experience
New York-based Wendy Williams is rapidly acquiring affiliates for her highly-popular radio show.

The Laurie Roth Show
"The Laurie Roth Show" broadcasts to over 45 stations nationally on the USA Radio Network and the National Radio Network. The flagship station is KQNT in Spokane Washington. The Laurie Roth Show is conservative-leaning talk but, Laurie does not endorse a specific political party.

The Ed Schultz Show
Ed Schultz hosts a fast growing liberal/progressive talk radio show.

The Jim Bohannon Show
"Jim Bohannon talks to special guests and his loyal callers on a spectrum of topics from current events and politics to entertainment and pop culture."

The Don and Mike Show
Two D.C. - based radio personalities who offer consistent humor, outrageous conversation, fun and more.

The Kim Komando Show
America’s "Digital Goddess", Kim Komando provides computer information to users in all 50 states every weekend. She’s smart, pretty and can help you figure out why the “blue screen of death” or any number of errors are inhabiting your system.

Howard Stern
Howard Stern, the father of "shock-jocks" is best understood through the eyes of his most reverent fans. See the #1 Fan site with everything "Stern".

Imus In The Morning
Don Imus is a legendary morning talent, now heard on 77 WABC, New York and seen on RFD-TV.

A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor
A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor is one of National Public Radio's most popular weekly programs, airing on about 450 Radio stations.

"Coast To Coast AM" with George Noory
George Noory is the Radio personality who suceeded Art Bell on "Coast To Coast AM".

Jim Cramer's Real Money
Cramer is a well-respected financial talk-show host.

Dr. Joy Browne
"Real analysis from a licensed psychologist…it’s like sitting in on a therapy session."

The Dolans
Financial information for the the consumer and small business

WOR Radio Network
This network syndicates: Dr. Joy Brown, The Dolans, Cramer, Lionel, Dr. Ronald Hoffman, Joey Reynolds, "The Pet Show", "The Travel Show", "The Garden Hotline", "The Home Show", "The Car Doctor", "Shopping Smart", and "Big Bands, Ballads and Blues"

Coast to Coast AM
"Coast to Coast AM" is a program heard Monday-Friday from 1-5 a.m. ET on about 475 Radio stations. It is hosted by George Noory and topics include UFOs, ghosts, supernatural phenomenom, space, time travel, etc.

The Michael Savage Show
The Michael Savage Show is syndicated out of KSFO in San Francisco. He is controversial and more conservative than liberal.

Michael Feldman's "What d'ya Know"
Michael Feldman's "What d'ya Know" is syndicated by Public Radio International.

Neal Boortz
Neal Boortz is a syndicated talk show host whose show originates from Atlanta, Georgia. This is his official website.

Bob Brinker
Bob Brinker is one of the most respected finanacial talk show hosts in the U.S. His radio show is syndicated by ABC Radio. This is his official website.

Bill Handel
Bill Handel's syndicated show, "Handel on the Law", helps listeners with fast advice on legal issues. He's quick, funny and informed.

"Coast to Coast AM" - Weekend Edition with Art Bell
Art Bell is the man who changed overnight radio by delving into UFOs, Ghosts, odd phenomenon and everything else that goes "bump" in the night. He now hosts the weekend version of the program hecame so successful with.

Dr. Demento Show
Dr. Demento has been sharing his offbeat and wacky musical madness with American since 1974. His website offers many diversion for fans including a station lineup, products and more.

Michael Medved
Michael Medved's talk show is now heard in over 140 markets.

Mike Gallagher
Talk show host Mike Gallagher has one of the fastest growing talk shows in America.

Common Sense Radio with Oliver North
Oliver North's Radio show is heard nationwide between 3-6 PM, Central time, Monday through Friday. Here at his official show homepage, you can find out about his latest books, listen live, visist the "Ollie" store, find out more about his "War Stories", etc.

The Rush Limbaugh Show
Official homepage for the most listened to talk show host in America. Hear the show live through the Web, find stations that carry the show, listen to the Rush parody archive, hear audio highlights and more

Mancow Muller
Mancow is the anti-Howard Stern. Known for his outrageous stunts and legal hassles, Mancow took on Howard Stern a few years ago and has no fear. Here you'll find audio, video, his writings, photos and more.

Delilah offers a romantic evening program now heard by over 7 million people in over 200 Radio markets

The Bob and Tom Show
Indianapolis based Bob and Tom are known for their male-driven humor. Their show consistently features great comedians, funny parodies and good locker-room talk.

The David Lawrence Show
David Lawrence is heard on AM and FM stations around the country and is also available in a Podcast.

John Boy and Billy
Nascar racing, rednecks, Southern culture and a funny rural attitude. Their homepage features links to many of their regular guests, their CDs and more.

The Tom Joyner Morning Show
Tom Joyner is an award-winning personality who is syndicated on R&B, Urban and Hip Hop stations across the country. His website features news, personality profiles, and an archives.

The Steve and DC Morning Radio Show
Audio highlights, a photo gallery, downloads, a station list, more info on show guests, characters and things spoken on the edgy show can be found here.

Paul Harvey - Deceased
Paul Harvey died on February 28, 2009. He was on of America’s most respected broadcasters and hosted “Paul Harvey News and Comment” from 1951until his death.

Dick Bartley
Dick Bartley is one of America's foremost authorities on oldies. He hosts several shows including: “Solid Gold Saturday Night”, “American Gold”, “Rock and Roll’s Greatest Hits”, and “Yesterday Live”.

Kidd Kraddick in the Morning
Kidd Kraddick, syndicated Dallas Radio personality.

The Trouble with Ron and Fez
The Ron and Fez Show on SiriusXM is having what might be described as a radio breakdown. Personal issues are tearing professional relationships apart. Find out why.

January 1: Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity Move to WOR 710 New York

And the Viral Hits Keep Coming: Jay Z and Casey Kasem
What do Jay Z and Casey Kasem both have in common? Stories about them both went viral this week - but for different reasons. Read more.

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