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F.C.C. Fines Sacramento Radio Station '98 Rock' $55,000 For Indecency

Dateline: 1015/04


Today, the Federal Communications Commission fined KRXQ(FM) in Sacramento, California for broadcasting apparently indecent material on two separate occasions over Station. The station, owned by Entercom, is known locally as "98 Rock".

The material at issue aired during the “Rob, Arnie & Dawn In the Morning Show.” The Commission proposed the maximum legally allowed fine of $27,500 for each of the two apparently indecent broadcasts, for a total proposed forfeiture of $55,000.

The Commission found that the broadcasts, which aired between 7 and 10 a.m., a time when children were likely to be in the audience, involved graphic and explicit discussions about sexual and/or excretory organs and activities, and were patently offensive.

The Commission proposed the maximum amount permitted by statute because of the egregious nature of the misconduct and Entercom’s history of violations.

- From an F.C.C. News Release

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