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Satellite Radio: The New Holy Land For Persecuted DJs?



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Corey Deitz
Sure, the F.C.C. levied an occasional fine (mostly to remind Howard Stern he was still their bitch). But, the agency was at best lackadaisical in its approach to policing indecency and wasn’t truly motivated to upset the status quo until an election year came along. (See the R.I.P. List "Radio In Persecution" - A Chronology of Major Events In The Indecency Issue)

So, what began as a “new consciousness in decency” was really a direct reaction to Opie & Anthony broadcasting a sex act in a church and it has slowly escalated into a full blown morality crises in the American media.

Every single radio personality, radio station, and radio company in the United States has been negatively affected by the Radio Indecency crackdown which turns out to be a bloated, over-compensated response to programming that was permitted to continue mostly unfettered for several decades by both the industry, the Federal Communications Commission, and lawmakers. In short, it’s all been one major freak-out which will takes years to settle down.

So, Opie…Anthony…I know you didn’t mean for things to get out of hand and in my opinion, what happened in the wake of your actions was really not your fault. You were just doing your job: getting the ratings, helping Infinity make the money, and feeding your families. Radio created you and then tried to hide you in the cellar like a crazy Aunt everyone is embarrassed by.

It’s hard to imagine any traditional radio company hiring Opie & Anthony after what has occurred, especially given the current state of indecency distress. The only place left for them to go was Satellite Radio. And in the end, everyone will win: O&A get back to work, XM Satellite Radio continues to raise it’s visibility among potential subscribers, and Satellite Radio suddenly becomes the new Holy Land of 1st Amendment programming which will no doubt see other pilgrimages by persecuted radio personalities in the future.

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