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Poor Howard Stern - 2 More Words He Can't Say On Show: "Satellite Radio"



Updated January 08, 2005
In recent days, two broadcast groups, Citadel and Beaseley, have yanked Howard Stern off of at least 5 stations between the two. Why? Well, Beasley is mum on why he’s off WQAM-AM, Miami.

But, Citadel took Stern off stations in Syracuse, New York; Providence, Rhode Island; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; and Grand Rapids, Michigan because the company felt Stern was using his syndicated show and their airtime as an "infomercial" for his impending jump to SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

And they have a right to be annoyed. If I was the CEO of Citadel, I’d be pissed, too. Do you think your current employer would let you promote your next job at their detriment for the benefit of your new employer?

That would be like a cashier at McDonalds telling customers he’s sick of the place, the food sucks, and by this time next week he’ll be at the Burger King across the street – so please drop by for a Whopper.

And what’s even funnier is Stern is now complaining about how the latest forbidden words on his program are "Satellite Radio".

So, let me get this straight: he’s upset that he’s under fire because he wants to use his current client’s airwaves to draw listeners away - from his current client’s airwaves. (And every affiliate station IS a client. They’ve contracted for a product - his show - which he agrees to provide every weekday morning.)

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