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Tom Leykis Returns with Daily Radio Show

Live and On-Demand Through the Internet


Tom Leykis, Radio and Internet Personality

Tom Leykis, Radio and Internet Personality

Photo: Tom Leykis
Live or On-Demand

Besides depending on the Internet as the primary source of transmission, Leykis says it will be different than his previous over-the-air show because it will be available live from 3 - 7 p.m. Pacific Time and then replayed continuously for the remainder of each 24-hour period. If you can't listen live, you can listen on-demand.

Leykis says he is "over preparing" in his show's ability to support listeners and is confident his servers will be able to stream audio to 100,000 listeners if needed.

Eventually, there will also be a video component to the show for listeners who choose to upgrade from free listening to a paid subscription.

The Internet is Growing, Commercial Radio Seems to Be Shrinking

Why is Tom Leykis enamored with the Internet and not running back to traditional radio? He says, "The radio business is over leveraged....doing nothing but cutting budgets...and cutting staff. When I finished doing my show for CBS I was down to two staff members. My producer had to double as the engineer. He couldn't call guests. He couldn't go out to the lobby and say, 'Welcome, you're going on in ten minutes...'"

Leykis will once-again have a full-support staff for his new venture, many of them already in place from his podcasting activities from the past few years, NewNormalNetwork.com and New NormalMusic.com, two portals that act as avenues for several projects he’s behind.

Stepping Out Over a Big Ledge

The new Leykis show will probably be the largest test, yet, of a well-known radio broadcaster trying to leverage an Internet-only product directly to listeners without the support or infrastructure of traditional AM or FM radio. There are plenty of shows simulcast across the Internet and plenty of podcasts from high-profile entertainers but, Leykis' new venture will be the radio equivalent of Glenn Beck's GBTV, an Internet-only video stream modeled after a traditional television network. The difference is there is no free version of Beck's content.

Leykis says his business model will produce revenue through the listeners who upgrade and by eventually selling commercials during his show. He will also take advantage of direct-marketing opportunities.

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