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Tom Leykis Returns with Daily Radio Show

Live and On-Demand Through the Internet


Tom Leykis, Radio and Internet Personality

Tom Leykis, Radio and Internet Personality

Photo: Tom Leykis
Radio personality Tom Leykis has finally won his freedom after being locked up in Radio-Contract Prison for the past 3 years. Leykis was sitting out the remainder of an employment contract with CBS Radio. It's an archaic method of control which some employers use when they no longer feel the person they hired is right for their properties or direction (but are still fearful of having as a competitor). Oppressive contracts like his often pay a talent not to come to work for the original employer or any future one during the length of the contract.

Being Tom Leykis

Leykis, a well-known Los Angeles and syndicated radio personality has not been able to be Tom Leykis since 2009.

Leykis began his Radio career at age 14 when he won a contest from a Long Island radio station (WBAB) called "Why I Want To Be On The Radio". This first-time gig led to a substitution role at the station. Leykis has worked at WPIX/New York, WBAI/New York, WQBK-AM/Albany, WNWS/Miami, KFYI-AM/Phoenix, KFI/Los Angeles, and WRKO/Boston

Leykis began in syndication in 1994 from Los Angeles, his base, through Westwood One. In 1997, Leykis moved to KLSX/Los Angeles which became his flagship station and eventual syndicator. But, in February, 2009, KLSX flipped formats and Leykis found himself soon off-the-air and prohibited from doing his show until his contract ended.

Well, that all changes April 2, 3 p.m. (PT).

A New Show, A New Studio, A Newer Medium

Tom Leykis is coming back to afternoon drive, Los Angeles time, and will begin doing his show again. But, this time there is no contract, no radio company, no flagship radio station. Leykis is making the leap from over-the-air radio to streaming-online radio but in a big way.

He is renting a recording studio to serve as his show's new program and will offer his daily show online. Leykis will be broadcasting out of a studio in Burbank, California and says, "We will be using everything we've learned producing our daily podcasts into bringing my daily radio show now to the world of the Internet." After each day's program, the stream will continue to repeat the whole performance until the next afternoon.

Leykis is going to leverage the Internet, social media, and streaming technology to bring fans a seamless production. Whether from a PC or on a smart phone, the show will take advantage of every possible listening option. Leykis points out his model is simple: free to listen to or there's an option to upgrade listening which brings a host of valuable extras like a higher-fidelity stream (from 64 to 128 kbps), access to special audio, archives, projects, etc.

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