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How and Where to Listen to Super Bowl XLV on Radio

On-Air, On Satellite, or Online


No matter your circumstance, you can find a way to hear Super Bowl XLV.

AM and FM Stations and their Internet Streams

Serving Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are radio stations WDVE-FM (102.5) and WBGG-AM (970 ESPN). Both stations will offer local broadcasts of the big game.

In addition, there are a network of stations that carry Pittsburgh Steelers broadcasts (most regional to Pennsylvania and surrounding area). You can see the list and get further links at radiotime.com

Serving the Green Bay, Wisconsin area there are several stations that that include WIXX-FM (101.1) and News Talk WTAQ (97.5 and 1360).

Both stations originate broadcasts for the Green Bay Packers. As with the Steelers, the Packers have a network of AM and FM stations that spread out throughout Wisconsin. You can see them and get links to their individual websites at radiotime.com.

Radiotime.com has also created a Super Bowl XLV page that features a number of stations and personalities who will be covering the game.

The flagship radio stations above and most of the affiliates all provide online streams. In addition, Super Bowl XLV will be broadcast by radio syndication company, Westwood One. You can use the Westwood One Station Finder to track down stations offering the broadcast.

Satellite Radio

Sirius XM Radio will broadcast Super Bowl XLV in 10 languages on Super Bowl Sunday, February 6. Sirius XM will air 14 different game calls to Sirius subscribers and XM subscribers with the “Best of Sirius.”


  • Pittsburgh Steelers broadcast - Sirius 123 / XM 102
  • Green Bay Packers broadcast - Sirius 125 / XM 103
  • National Radio broadcast – Sirius 124 / XM 124
  • BBC Radio broadcast – Sirius 122 / XM 106
  • Mexican/Spanish language broadcast – Sirius 91 / XM 104
  • Spanish broadcast – Sirius 90 / XM 105
  • Chinese broadcast – Sirius 130 / XM 109
  • Russian broadcast – Sirius 158 / XM 113
  • French broadcast - Sirius 126 / XM 107
  • Japanese broadcast - Sirius 121 / XM 110
  • German broadcast – Sirius 113 / XM 111
  • Hungarian broadcast - Sirius 153 / XM 112
  • Dutch broadcast – Sirius 127 / XM 108
  • Danish broadcast – Sirius 152 / XM 114

On Your Phone

As a last resort, don't forget you can download several apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android phones which allow you to receive hundreds of radio stations - some of which will be carrying the game. For a list of available apps, visit this page.

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