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Podcasting Puts A Soldier's Voice on the Face of a War

Dave Kinser Fixes Aircraft and Does a Radio Show From Iraq


Updated May 15, 2006
Sunday morning I opened up my email and there was a forward from Dave Rabbit, the once elusive and now famous Vietnam Pirate Radio DJ who recently stepped forward from anonymity and presented evidence of his claim, sparking interest worldwide from Hollywood to HBO.

Rabbit’s story is a wonderful journey of how one man put his own face on the war he was fighting. It also demonstrates how powerful the medium of Radio can be. For more on Dave Rabbit, see:
Vietnam War Pirate DJ Dave Rabbit Has Finally Come Forward and
Pirate DJ Dave Rabbit's Disclosure Has Garnered Significant Attention.

But, this article is really not about Rabbit; it’s about another Dave - Brian David Kinser - who prefers to be called Dave. The forward Rabbit sent me was actually an email from Kinser to Rabbit. In it I learned Kinser is serving in Iraq at Balad Air Base as an aircraft structural repairer in the U.S. Army. But, Kinser isn't broadcasting a Pirate station like Rabbit did during Vietnam. Rather, he's Podcasting radio shows worldwide using his computer.

His Podcast, Watch It Burn is - as he puts it - “A weekly show by a soldier in Iraq”. Dave has done half-a-dozen shows as of this writing.

After listening to his most recent, I decided I had to help get the story of his Podcasts out there because every week we are bombarded with faceless statistics about more U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq and Watch It Burn puts not only a real face but more importantly, a real voice on that news.

I was very touched during show #6 when Dave dedicated it to a lost comrade and then reflected on his life. There is a realness and human connection hearing it first hand which makes any other news account simply inferior and two-dimensional.

I don’t know how many other service people are creating Podcasts at the moment but one must respect the technology which affords anyone the ability to do this kind of new Radio. Dave is using his laptap computer and podOmatic create his.

podOmatic allows Dave to easily create his own Podcast for free. The service provides audio and video support, storage space, the ability for listeners to call in recorded comments, podcast templates, and other tools. For more information, see PodOmatic Brings Podcast Creation and More to the Masses.

No matter what your stance on the War in Iraq, I would encourage everyone to take some time and visit Dave’s Watch It Burn homepage to see some photos and hear a Podcast or two. It will be worth your time.

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