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Raima Radio - Streams and Records Internet Radio

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Raima Radio - freeware Internet Radio receiver and recorder

Raima Radio - freeware Internet Radio receiver and recorder

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The Bottom Line

Raima Radio is freeware and as such, you get what you pay for. Although much of this application performs quite well and it really is quite comprehensive for a free piece of software, you may be frustrated by how many streams are in its database which won't connect. (This is not necessarily Raima Radio's fault because URLs do change.)


  • Easy to use, low learning curve.
  • Point-and-click interface similar to Windows' Explorer window.
  • Few adjustments are needed yet many options exist.
  • Listen to streams, record in real time, or schedule recordings.
  • Add your own stations to the application's database.


  • Large built-in database of streams, though many produce errors.
  • Built-in Help is limited.


  • Raima Radio is fairly well-designed freeware.
  • Easy install and using it is a matter of click-and-play.
  • Many genres of streaming stations to choose from built-in database.
  • Add your own favorite stations to the built-in database.
  • Many options available for users who want to tweak their personal experience.
  • Some built-in Help is available but it is limited.

Guide Review - Raima Radio - Streams and Records Internet Radio

Raima Radio is an ambitious piece of freeware which operates relatively well for what it is.

It installs easily and once it has, the user simply has to click on "folders" for plenty of Internet streams including and impressive amount of genres which often lead to a more impressive subset of genres.

In addition, Raima Radio offers Internet streams by Network, Region, and any you'd like to add as well.

The problem with such a large database is the inevitable problem of stations which have either changed their URL or have stopped streaming for one reason or another.

I encountered many errors in selecting stations from the database which is not necessarily Raima Radio's fault as software but more likely changes out of Raima Radio's control. Of course, commercial software offering similar databases have more of an incentive to keep the database up-to-date and valid. It's hard to know how much time the creator's of Raima Radio spend in that area.

Never less, It is an easy application to use. You can click and play a station in the database, add your own, record in real-time and even schedule a recording.

There are a myriad of options available to the user who wants to tweak almost every aspect of the experience and I commend Raima Radio for providing such an in-depth selection.

Raima Radio will split your recordings by time, by songs, or not at all. You can schedule Start and Stop times for recordings, play random streams, auto-rotate streams, and much more.

If you are an Internet Radio enthusiast, this is one piece of software which should be in your toolbox.

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