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SIRIUS Satellite Radio Hardware and Receiver Product Tour


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Audiovox PNP2
Audiovox PNP Tuner
The Audiovox PNP2 Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner Universal Add-on Tuner

Pricegrabber says: "Audiovox's PNP2 SIRIUS plug-and-play tuner brings you 100 streams of crystal-clear SIRIUS programming, at home or on the road! When used with Audiovox home and car kits, you can transfer the tuner between your home and your vehicle, and only pay one subscription fee. The PNP2 has a built-in 20-song memory for title and artist — it will not only alert you the next time one of the songs plays on SIRIUS, but you can also use it as a handy shopping list the next time you visit your local or online music store.

Look Ahead mode allows you to check out what's playing on other streams without interrupting the current program. To use the PNP2 tuner, you must purchase an accompanying kit. There are three kits available: the car kit with RCA patch cable the car kit with wireless FM transmitter; the home kit. The car kits include everything you need to play the tuner through your car stereo; the home kit lets you connect the tuner to your home stereo setup. A subscription to SIRIUS is also required."

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