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SIRIUS Canada to be Beaming Programming in Time For Holidays

Dateline: 11/06/05


SIRIUS Satellite Radio has announced that its Canadian affiliate, SIRIUS Canada, will offer 100 channels of programming when it begins broadcasting next month.

SIRIUS Canada will also include 10 Canadian music and information stations in both English and French for all Canadians, including a multilingual service.

“We are launching SIRIUS Canada with 100 channels of music, entertainment, sports and information...” said Mark Redmond, President and CEO, SIRIUS Canada. “Canadians will be able to experience SIRIUS Canada’s programming in time for the holidays."

Programming channels will initially be comprised of:

60 Channels of Commercial-Free Rock, Pop and Classical Music
40 Channels of News, Sports and Entertainment
30 Games of Play-by-Play NHL Action per Week
10 Channels of Canadian Content

Consumers wanting more information on the SIRIUS Canada service can find it at: www.sirius-canada.ca. SIRIUS Canada premium subscription service will be priced at $14.99 (CAD) a month.

- From a SIRIUS Canada Press Release

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