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Elvis: The King Has Left the Building But Not the Radio

His Music is Still Being Kept Alive


Updated July 26, 2007
Even though Elvis Presley has been gone since August 16, 1977, his music has never left the radio. Besides still being played on local stations with Oldies formats, Elvis hits have found new life on Internet radio stations, on Satellite Radio and even in Podcasts.

Elvis still holds the the record for the most #1 songs on the "Billboard Hot 100" chart by a male artist. Presley also claims credit for the most cumulative weeks at #1 on the "Billboard Hot 100" for a total of 79. And for the record, Billboard notes the "Elvis Christmas Album" as the Best Selling Christmas Album of all time.

Not bad for a former truck driver from Mississippi.

Elvis From Space

But as for current offerings, the music of Elvis is still being showcased in various forms. SIRIUS Satellite Radio has devoted a complete channel to Presley. SIRIUS channel 13 is "Elvis Radio" and it broadcasts live from Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.

The deejays on Elvis Radio are a mix of longtime Elvis fans and terrestrial DJs like Bill Rock, Dave Shelby, Argo, Big Jim Sykes, Doc Walker, George Klein, and others.

Programming is varied during a typical week with shows like "Soundtrack Saturday Night: Follow That Dream", "Elvis Live in Concert", "Sunday Morning Gospel Time on Elvis Radio", "Elvis Quiz Show", "The Elvis Radio Vaults", and more.

By the way, ElvisRadio.org is a website devoted to the SIRIUS Elvis channel and its listeners.

The Online Elvis

At Live365.com there are literally hundreds of streaming Internet radio stations that claim to feature some music of Elvis. When I did a search there, 416 stations came up for the search term "Elvis Presley".

Yahoo! Music’s "Launchcast Radio" features a channel called "Elvis Presley Fan Radio" which actually plays Elvis and other artists Elvis fans would appreciate like Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Rhapsody Online also has Elvis offerings including 3449 tracks from 151 Elvis albums.

At Last.fm you can hear the King as well. Last.fm is a service that "...keeps track of what music you listen to, and then produces a large number of features personalised to you."

And at Music.msn.com you can create your own radio station based on Elvis Presley.

And never think the United Kingdom doesn't have an army of Elvis followers. Elvis Express Radio is a U.K.-based show which is downloaded an average of 14,000 times each week. It's a four-hour show divided into four downloads and there's a new show weekly.

Presley Podcasts

Elvis fans will want to familiarize themselves with some of the Elvis Podcasts on the web. Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2 has a program called "Ask Elvis" where Elvis "answers your questions".

And ElvisInTheBrowser.com has an Elvis Tribute podcast available.

Whichever way you listen, Elvis can still be heard all over the world thanks to the many forms of radio that keep his music and spirit alive.

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