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How Howard Stern and Tom Bergeron Brought The Three Stooges to Satellite Radio

Dateline: 07/23/09


Howard Stern - SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Howard Stern - SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Howard Stern - SIRIUS Satellite Radio
SIRIUS XM Radio sends out a lot of press releases and over the years I've become a little desensitized to their numerous announcements. But, a release arrived in my email today which I actually read all the way through. In a nutshell: Howard Stern has brought The Three Stooges back to the forefront - at least on Satellite Radio.

Word of Lost Tapes

The genesis for this idea and how this special came to be can only be blamed on a perfect storm of two devoted fans and the opportunities available to anyone who controls a Satellite Radio channel named after himself.

Apparently, in May 2009 Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron revealed to Howard Stern that as a teenager in the 1970’s, he had the chance to interview two of the original Three Stooges: Moe Howard and Larry Fine.

Bergeron had recorded the conversations although wasn't sure if he knew where the tapes actually were. Stern, a big fan of The Stooges, told Bergeron if he could find these historical recordings, he would create a special to showcase the interviews on one of his channels at SIRIUS XM Radio.

Bergeron found the tapes.

Hey: I've Got a Stage, Let's Put on a Show!

Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney may have had a stage in a barn but Howard Stern has two Satellite Radio channels. That's why "The Three Stooges: Lost and Found Interviews" will air July 31 at 2:00 pm ET on Howard 101. As part of the interviews, Moe and Larry discuss the history of the Stooges plus the Curly/Shemp/Curly-Joe/Joe “third Stooge” evolution.

Larry reminisces about working with Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton and in one surprising moment, Moe takes a swipe at legendary comedians Jerry Lewis and Bob Hope. The interview with Larry Fine was done just months before his death in 1975.

In addition to Bergeron's audio, he plays host to some of The Howard Stern Show's best Stooge-themed moments from Stern's personal radio archive.

For more information, visit www.sirius.com.

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