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Art Bell Returns to a Full-Time Satellite Radio Show

The Purveyor of Paranormal Finds New Home on Sirius XM


Art Bell, Publicity Photo

Art Bell, Publicity Photo

Photo Credit: Art Bell, Publicity Photo
Recently, Sirius XM Radio announced that Art Bell would be returning to the airwaves on a full-time basis with a new show on satellite radio. Art Bell’s Dark Matter is slated to debut in the fall of this year (2013) on Indie, SiriusXM channel 104. SiriusXM describes this channel as offering “call-in talk shows - [that are] fearless, informed, fascinating and funny.” Judging from Bell’s past success and modas operandi, he should fit in quite well.

The new incarnation of the Bell experience will air nightly from 10:00 pm – 1:00 am ET. Over several decades Bell has carved out a successful niche in the weird and odd by paying deference to topics including Area 51, UFOs, extraterrestrials, conspiracy theories, near-death experiences, time-space, ghosts, poltergeists, hauntings, and almost anything that could be labeled paranormal.

Bell’s well-listened to shows have gone “bump in the night” by booming out of Pahrump, Nevada, located not far from the famed Area 51 where many think the government has alien technology, secret projects, and classified data many are sworn to protect.

Radio in Bell's Blood

You might say Bell began his career at 13-years-old when he became a licensed amateur radio operator. After a stint in the U.S. Air Force, Bell worked at KSBK/Okinawa. But, his first on-air radio job was at KENI/Alaska. He later had gigs at XTRA/Tiajuana, Mexico and KDWN/Las Vegas.

In 1988 Bell, co-founded the Coast to Coast AM program with Alan Corberth, a business partner. The show was subsequently moved from Las Vegas to Bell’s home in Pahrump. As the program continued to build, at one point Bell’s listeners numbered 15 million and his nightly forays into the weird and wonderful was broadcast on 500 radio stations.

The Retirement Merry-Go-Round

Bell has retired several times and returned. The first attempt was October 13, 1998. He came back to radio that same month on October 28, 1998. At the time Bell told his audience that certain “threats” had been made against his family and he had been dealing with that.

By 1999, Art Bell was the most listened to overnight host in America. Then, suddenly the next year on April 26, 2000 Bell resigned from his tenure as host. At the time it was quite mysterious since he did disclose immediately why he was leaving the show. It later emerged that Bell was having personal family problems. Reportedly, his son had been kidnapped and raped.

Then, just as unexpectedly Art Bell returned to the airwaves on February 5, 2001 though about a year later he again announced a retirement. Fast forward to September, 2003.

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