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SIRUS Satellite Radio Personalities

Short Profiles and/or Background Information


SIRIUS Satellite Radio offers a growing list of hosts across its various channels.

Many are well known DJs, talk show hosts and even celebrites who sometimes not only anchor special shows but in some instances oversee programming on individual streams (channels).

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SIRUS Satellite Radio Personalities

Howard Stern Bill Walton
Vincent Pastore Tony Hawk
The Kennedys SIRIUS NFL/124
Kenny Smith Jim Breuer
MC Lyte Fred Schneider
Barry Williams Big '80s on 8
Kurtis Blow Wavy Gravy
Mojo Nixon Shooter Jennings
Cowboy Jack Clement Hillbilly Jim
David Johansen Dave Marsh
Grandmaster Flash Robert Evans
Jay Thomas Gary Burton
Adam Curry Matt Pinfield
Various Other SIRIUS Personalities SIRIUS Satellite Radio Celebrity Producers/Partners
Bruce Morrow Martha Quinn
Marky Ramone Judith Regan
Bubba the Love Sponge Fred Imus
Marty Snider David Poole
Chris "Mad Dog" Russo

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