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David Webb to Begin Nightly Show on SIRIUX XM Patriot

New Show Starts June 18


Talk Show Host David Webb

Talk Show Host David Webb

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David Webb, a conservative talk show host who has been doing a part-time show on SIRIUS XM Patriot as well as guest-hosting for other personalities on the satellite service, will begin his own nightly program on June 18, 2012.

Webb's profile has risen steadily over the past couple of years, notably from his competent fill-in work for other personalities on SIRIUS XM Patriot like Andrew Wilkow and Mike Church. He has also expanded his media appearances on such channels as Fox News, where he has become a regular guest on various segments. He appears regularly on programs like Hannity, America Live with Megan Kelly, and The Tom Sullivan Show on Fox Business Network.

The David Webb Show will be a live, daily, call-in program where Webb will analyze and discuss political, economic, and national security news and events with high-level news makers, community leaders and well-known guests while entertaining calls from listeners.

Webb will kick off his inaugural show with a visit from former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Webb's first week will also include: Republican National Committee Co-Chairman Sharon Day; national security experts Dean Popps, Wayne Simmons and Brigadier General (Ret.) Stephen Xenakis, MD, Ph.D.; National Tea Party Federation's Christina Botteri and conservative broadcasters/commentators Sean Hannity, KT McFarland and Charles Payne from Fox Business News.

Webb, who has a low-key and smooth style, is the founder of the Black Forum, Black Republican Forum, and New York City's TeaParty 365, a non-partisan, non-profit advocacy group for fiscal responsibility. Webb has worked for a variety of radio stations during his career including WILD-AM/Boston, WHTZ-FM/New York, KZFX-FM/Houston, KLOL-FM/Houston, KKTL-FM/Houston and KRLD-AM/Dallas.

Webb has held various positions in radio including music personality, talk show host, Producer, Assistant Program Director, and Promotion Director.

Webb is a spokesperson for the National Tea Party Federation and has been featured on Fox News Channel, Fox Business Channel, CNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC TV and other media outlets.

In December 2011, David Webb was selected as one of "Time Magazine's Person of the Year - the Protester" representing the Tea Party movement.

"Truth is the authority," said David Webb in a prepared news release. "21st century conservatism and the fiscally conservative tea party movement I helped found will have a nightly, national voice that will be heard loud and clear."

SIRIUS XM Patriot also announced that Webb will broadcast his new show from the Republican National Convention and other key political events in the run-up to the general election in November, 2012.

"David Webb's new show adds even more depth and excitement to the wide range of political talk shows offered on SiriusXM," said Jeremy Coleman, the Senior Vice President of Talk and Entertainment Program at SIRIUS XM in a prepared statement.

For more information about SIRIUS XM Patriot, visit this page at SIRIUS XM.

David Webb's website is DavidWeb.com.

You can also follow David Webb on Twitter. It's a very active feed including over 6,600 followers and constant Tweets from Webb.

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