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Information and Reviews on SIRIUS Satellite Radio Hardware

SIRIUS Satellite Radio is one of two providers in the satellite radio business. Developments in hardware and proceeding quickly and here you will find the latest news, information and reviews on hardware specifically marketed for SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Five SIRIUS Satellitte Radio Products Honored at CES
Five SIRIUS Satellite Radio products have been selected as honorees for the 2007 International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards. The SIRIUS Stiletto 100, Stiletto Antenna Headset, SIRIUS Conductor, Sportster 4 and the SiriusConnect Home have been recognized as products that reflect advancements in consumer technology design and engineering.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio Now Really Portable With Stilletto 100
SIRIUS Satellite Radio has finally closed the portable gap between XM Satellite Radio with the introduction of the Stilletto 100, the first truly portable SIRIUS receiver. Besides receiving all SIRIUS live programming, it records up to 100 hours of programming in up to 6-hour long segments. Plus: It's WiFi capability allows streaming of SIRIUS programming through the Internet and users can also store their own MP3/WMA files on the unit. Read more.

SIRIUS-SLY Easy: The SV1 SIRIUS One Satellite Radio Receiver
The SV1 SIRIUS One Satellite Radio receiver is a painless way to get into Satellite Radio for two reasons: it's very easy to install and use plus it's very affordable. 5 Stars - Read the review.

New SIRIUS Receiver Connects to Multiple Radios and Home Audio Systems
SIRIUS Satellite Radio is introducing the SiriusConnect Home tuner - a new satellite radio receiver designed to interface with multiple radios, audio systems and home theater systems. Read More.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio to Debut its First Wearable Receiver
SIRIUS Satellite Radio today announced the debut of its first wearable satellite radio, the "SIRIUS S50", which allows users to capture and store up to 50 hours of SIRIUS content, or a mix of SIRIUS programming and MP3/WMA files, enabling listening on the go. The SIRIUS S50 is scheduled to be available at retail this October. Full Details.

SIRIUS To Offer Portable “Plug & Play” Satellite Radio At Wal-Mart
SIRIUS Satellite Radio has announced that select Wal-Mart locations across the country will soon offer one of its satellite radio products. More Details.

SIRIUS Unveils Here2Anywhere Portable Satellite Radio Tuner
SIRIUS Satellite Radio has introduced the Here2Anywhere portable satellite radio tuner from Kenwood. It can easily go from your car to your home with optional docking kits. Read more.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio Introduces Clarion SIRPNP
If you're looking for your chance to leap into Satellite Radio, the products and options keep getting better. Now, SIRIUS has introduced the Clarion SIRPNP - the smallest yet transportable Plug & Play receiver yet. Details.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio Now Available to DISH Network TV Subscribers
Yesterday, SIRIUS satellite radio significantly increased its number of listeners across the country when it made its music service available to EchoStar Communications Corporation and its more than 9.7 million DISH Network satellite television customers. Read more.

SIRIUS Introduces Palm-Sized Satellite Radio Receiver
SIRIUS Satellite Radio announced today the SIRIUS XACT XTR1 “Stream Jockey” Plug & Play satellite radio. It's about the size of a cell-phone, you can take it anywhere, and it works with speakers of headphones. Read more.

Compare Prices on SIRIUS Satellite Radio receivers
Be a smart shopper: compare prices on SIRIUS Satellite Radio receivers and accessories for car and home with PriceGrabber.

SIRIUS Radios Now in Target Stores
SIRIUS satellite radio says SIRIUS radios are now available at over 500 selected national Target locations. Read more.

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