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Satellite Radio News and Information Before the Merger of SIRIUS XM

In July, 2008 a merger between SIRIUS and XM Satellite Radio was approved by the federal government and the company became Sirius XM Satellite Radio. This section hold news articles and other information about the services prior to the merger.

The Growth of Satellite Radio (Video)
Radio technology is moving at lightning speed, fueled by the satellite revolution. Its growing list of subscribers has investors sitting up and tuning in. A report from XM Satellite Radio.

Want Satellite Radio For Christmas? Ponder These 5 Points
Today and tomorrow (December 23/24) are your last opportunities to purchase Satellite Radio equipment and subscriptions before Christmas. Are you ready to buy or on the fence? Ponder these 5 points.

SIRIUS and XM Satellite Radio Comparison Chart
If you can't decide which satellite radio service to choose, here is a side-by-side comparison of SIRIUS and XM Satellite Radio in an easy to view chart.

Site Visitors Questions and Comments on Satellite Radio
I receive questions all the time about all aspects of Radio. Occasionally, I like to reprint some with comments or answers everyone could benefit from. Here are some recent ones about XM and SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

Satellite Radio: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
If you’re a Satellite Radio subscriber or think you might become one, I’d like to point out 3 things I’ve recently either noticed or read about. All three have the potential of affecting your enjoyment of Satellite Radio. Read more.

Site Visitors Comment on XM and SIRIUS Satellite Radio Plus Howard Stern
Here are some assorted comments emailed by site visitors in response to recent articles about Satellite Radio programming, the RIAA's latest ploy, and Howard Stern's stock deal with SIRIUS. Read more.

How Do I Suggest a Show For Satellite Radio?
Got a great idea for a new program on XM or SIRIUS Satellite Radio? Here is the procedure and email addresses you need to make contact with the right people at each service. Read more.

U.S. Open, More Country Music Hosts, and an NFL Receiver Join Satellite Radio
The two Satellite Radio services, XM and SIRIUS, continue to expand programming to satisfy current subscribers and tempt new ones. XM is broadcasting the U.S. Open, NFL legend Jerry Rice has joined SIRIUS, and SIRIUS is also making room for new country and bluegrass shows. Read more highlights.

A Site Visitor Asks: How Far Can I Receive My Satellite Radio Service?
A visitor to Radio.about.com with SIRIUS Satellite Radio wants to know if he can travel and listen to his service in Mexico and even Central America. Officially, the services have nothing to say about this but in reality, anectdotal evidence suggests you can hear both SIRIUS and XM much further than you think. Read more and see unofficial "coverage maps".

SPACE: Satellite Programming Automatic Chooser Experience
This online tool will help you choose a Satellite Radio Service. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions.

Hannukah and Christmas Programming Plentiful On Satellite Radio
Both XM and SIRIUS Satellite Radio are providing a myriad of programming choices for subscribers this year covering both the Jewish holiday of Hannukah and the Christian observance of Christmas. See what's being beamed back to earth from outer space during December.

Satellite Radio: She Wants SIRIUS, He Wants XM – Now What?
You want to listen to Stern. He wants to hear NASCAR and Major League Baseball. Unfortunately, the programming is offered on competing satellite services. Is there a solution to this dilemma? I think so. Read more.

XM and SIRIUS Satellite Radio Offering Christmas Music
Both XM and SIRIUS Satellite Radio have revamped programming to offer traditional and contemporary holiday music through Christmas. Here's a listing of what each service is providing to subscribers.

New Report: XM, SIRIUS Both Meeting Satellite Radio Subscriber Goals
A new SkyWaves Research Reportsays both XM and SIRIUS added enough subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2003 to meet the targets each company predicted. Thinking of subscribing? See who's ahead.

How To Decide Which Satellite Radio Service Is Best For You
There are two Satellite Radio services available: XM and SIRIUS. They're both good, so which one is right for you? By spending a little time reviewing their differences, you'll no doubt see which one should be your particular choice.

XM, SIRIUS Satellite Radio Offering College Football
XM Satellite Radio will debut its new college sports line-up with a national radio broadcast of the match-up between Virginia Tech and the University of Southern California. Meanwhile, SIRIUS Satellite Radio has announced the first of an extensive package of college football games with a live play-by-play broadcast featuring the No. 1-ranked University of Southern California Trojans vs. the Virginia Tech Hokies. Read more.

Old Radio - New Radio
The Radio landscape that was once dominated by only AM and FM stations has dramatically changed over the past 10 years both within the industry and beyond its borders. Between Internet streams, Satellite radio, iPods and more - the case can be made that we need to start referring to Old Radio and New Radio. Read more.

Not Indecency Cops: F.C.C. Chooses to Keep Nose Out of Satellite Radio's Content
Today the Federal Communications Commission announced it would not considering revising rules on indecent content broadcast by either XM or SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Full Story.

Satellite Radio Survey: 18-34 "Get it" - Older Demos Slower To Come Around
According to a survey of over 7,000 consumers 18-34 year olds are the Satellite Radio's #1 age group for current subscribers and also for those planning on buying in the next 6 months. What about 35+?Read more survey results.

Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai Cut Deals For Satellite Radio
Both SIRIUS and XM Satellite Radio have announced several new partnerships with auto makers. Full Details.

More Satellite Radio Subscribers Are Older - Not Younger Males
In a recent survey of Satellite Radio listening, it was found that the medium is reaching more males than females and out of those male subscribers, more are affluent and older. Full story.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio Announces Strategic Partnership With God - Satire
Has anyone noticed how both XM and SIRIUS Satellite Radio seem to be in a fevered competition to acquire and announce more "strategic partnerships" than the other? Every week these guys announce a new show, a new channel, a new host - in an endless a hail of press releases. Well, here: this should put an end to that. Satire.

Satellite Radio to Provide Coverage of MLB All-Star Week and NFL Pre-season Play
XM Satellite Radio is touting its coverage of the 2005 MLB All-Star Week in Detroit and SIRIUS has announced a listening schedule for 2005 NFL pre-season live. Read more details.

Five Reasons to Buy Satellite Radio This Christmas
If you're considering the big leap in Satellite Radio, it's less of a leap this year for various reasons: hardware prices are down, subscription rates are holding, and programming on both XM and SIRIUS continues to stay dynamic. Read more.

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