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Lured Back to Satellite Radio - Why I Re-Subscribed to SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio



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Last year, I discontinued my subscription with SIRIUS XM Radio after a series of events brought me to a crossroads of disappointment and frustration. After a five-year run with XM (which of course became SIRIUS XM) during that time, I had just reached the point where I didn't feel it was worth it.

At the time, I wrote: "I just reached the point where my monthly payment seemed like a waste. I only listened to a few channels to begin with and when SIRIUS and XM merged, they kind of screwed up my favorite channel. Just observing this catastrophe play out over the past year sucked all the empathy I may have had for Satellite Radio. I just don’t care anymore."

I don't want to rehash my reasons for cancelling at the time, but if you wish to read them see "6 Reasons I've Canceled Satellite Radio"

I'm here to say after a one-year sabbatical I've returned. There were two reasons:

  1. I was no longer enjoying my early morning commutes and always struggling to figure out something to listen to and...
  2. SIRIUS XM bribed me with a special "come back" offer.

I Need a Music Savant

Some folks have the music part of their life completely together: they own all the necessary CDs, are always downloading new tracks and burning off more CDs, and when they're listening to the radio are content with whatever the local offerings are.

I am none of that. I am a disaster when it comes to maintaining the music I like. The fact of the matter is, I'm too busy - or lazy - and because of it need someone or something to do it better than I can.

For all its drawbacks, satellite radio does do one thing I can never do: it is a music savant and offers me the largest music library in the universe which is easily divided up into categories I understand. The trick is hoping that the people in charge of those categories really know what they're doing.

Since I came back to SIRIUS XM Radio about a month ago, I have been pleased. After the merger of XM and SIRIUS in July, 2008 the changes to channels wasn't always a pleasant experience for everyone, including the listeners. The merger no doubt resulted in staff reductions to avoid redundancy which inevitably resulted in programming nuances. That seems all settled down now and I'm liking what I hear.

Ask to be Billed

Here's a tip which I think might be helpful if you plan to subscriber or re-subscribe to SIRIUS XM Radio: don't use your credit card. Tell the customer service representative you want to pay by check. They will bill you. I didn't know this the first time I subscribed. I felt a lot better doing this than allowing them to automatically charge my card. Although customer service also seems to have gotten much better, I like the idea of not being held hostage to an automatic charge in the event my customer service rep doesn't get it right or I'm lost in a portal of telephonic confusion - both of which have occurred before.

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