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SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio and other Satellite Radio Information

SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio (now one company) delivers very diverse audio programming to millions of listeners who are willing to pay for special radio equipment along with monthly subscription fees. Satellite Radio offers broader choices and many more options for discriminating listeners at home, on the road, on the water, and elsewhere.
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SIRIUS XM Radio Offers 5 Channels of Commercial-Free Holiday Music for 2010
SIRIUS XM Radio has revealed this year's lineup of holiday music featuring five commercial-free specialty channels for subscribers looking for seasonal songs and music. The satellite radio services will offer all genres from traditional holiday songs and classical Christmas carols to Hanukkah music, country Christmas classics and contemporary...

Lured Back to Satellite Radio
Last year, I discontinued my subscription with SIRIUS XM Radio after a series of events brought me to a crossroads of disappointment and frustration. After a five-year run with XM I just reached the point where I didn't feel it was worth it. I've re-subscribed and here's why.

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