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Schedule Recordings of Internet Radio with "Power Record"

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Blaze Audio Power Record

Blaze Audio Power Record

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The Bottom Line

Power Record does an adequate job of recording audio from Internet streams (or audio from your own computer's sound card). But, you will have to manually insert the URL (web location) of any streams you wish to record. More and more, radio stations are hiding these URLs in customized players which may make this task harder for users. But, Power Record does allow you to drag and drop iTunes stations directly into the program.


  • Point-and-click interface
  • Easy installation, clear instructions
  • Automatic Gain Control helps to insure proper audio levels
  • Create, save files in several formats and qualities
  • Built-in meter for visual confirmation of audio levels


  • MP3 encoder format/rate tops out at 160 kbps (presets)


  • Record radio stations that stream on the Internet or any audio from your sound card
  • Schedule multiple recordings, record on-the-fly
  • Record as WAV, MP3, or WMA at various quality rates
  • Features include Automatic Gain Control, audio meter to monitor audio source levels
  • Simple interface, easy installation, good help support

Guide Review - Schedule Recordings of Internet Radio with "Power Record"

Power Record from Blaze Audio is a software application designed for recording radio stations from the Internet or any audio from your computer's sound card either manually or by schedule. It's easy to use and offers some nice features to enhance your final mix.

Users have the option to record anything on-the-fly while by selecting "Instant Recording" or scheduling multiple recordings which the program will handle automatically.

It offers a few nice features which I always think are appreciated including an audio meter to demonstrate how loud the source is you are recording (to avoid distortion or recordings that are too low), and Automatic Gain Control to insure proper audio levels.

Power Record also features "Song Grabber" which caches audio from your favorite station in the background. That way, if you tune in to a station and hear the end of a song you wish you could have heard from the beginning (or an interview, etc.), you can instruct Power Record "go backwards". Your cache is user-definable in length.

Power Record sells for $29.95 at this writing. You can download a free trial at www.blazeaudio.com. Windows XP or Vista is required.

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