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Easy Radio is a No Brainer For Playing and Recording Internet Radio


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Easy Radio Internet Player

Easy Radio Internet Player

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(Editor's Note: Since this review was first written, Easy Radio has left "free" mode. The last known free version was version 1.4. The link below is to to a download at CNET.com which says the application is still "free")

With Internet Radio becoming more mainstream everyday, dozens of software applications continue to be created to make it easy for users to listen. With a name like "Easy Radio", it doesn't get much simpler than this.

Every once-in-a-while, you download a piece of great software labeled “Free” and you think to youself, “Okay - what’s the catch? Is there spyware in it? Is it limited in some way they’re not telling me? What am I missing here?

Well, Easy Radio is free, a great piece of software and the only catch is the player displays a banner ad. I think I can live with that considering all I’m getting.

Play Internet Radio Stations With 1 Click

Easy Radio plays Internet Radio stations and if you like, will record them, too.

Selection of stations is done through a Windows “folder” metaphor. Each folder is labeled (“USA”, “Australia”, “Sweden”, etc.) and within the folder are stations.

Easy Radio comes with hundreds of stations ready to listen to but you can add any kind of folder you want with customized stations within it. You can add, delete or rename categories as well as the stations they hold.

You can add favorite stations to a “Favorites” window for easy access or for scheduling them to play on a particular day and time.

Record Streams

But, it gets even better. Easy Radio has a built-in record function. You can manually start and stop a recording and save it into every popular sound format: mp3, wma, ogg, vox, au, aiff, mp4, and flac.

The recording options allows you to pick device, mixer, volume, file format and where on your computer you want the recorded file to be stored after it’s recorded.

It's Really Free - But There's More

Easy Radio is completely functional yet, under the “Help” menu there’s a link where you can purchase it (or an upgrade) for $15.95.

The product isn’t really clear about this but, from reading the download page, I think the paid version offers a 3,000 station database, Podcast support, burn-to-CD functionality and the ability to schedule recordings - not just play them as scheduled I mentioned above. There are more sophisticated products with many more options than Easy Radio but, they don't get much simpler than this.

The paid version is a paltry $15.95 - well worth the money for someone who wants those extra features.

That aside, I assure you: the free version of Easy Radio is easy and provide great radio.

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