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Replay Radio 6.0 Outdoes Itself: Record Internet Radio, Grab Podcasts and More



Replay Radio 6.0

Replay Radio 6.0

Updated February 27, 2009
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Replay Radio (Buy Direct) (recently renamed "Replay AV") has always been a brilliant recording application for capturing radio programs off the Internet. It’s never been just a basic recording application; it has always offered an integrated and easy-to-use recording system. Now, not only does it record Internet Radio but with version 6.0 it introduces Podcast support.

But, one of the most impressive additions is Replay Radio’s built-in Media Guide. With it you can:

1. Pick from 1173 Radio Shows and record them automatically.
2. Find 2042 Online Radio Stations and record them or simply tune-in and listen live directly from the Media Guide.
3. Search 7396 Podcasts, and 114355 Podcast episodes and easily subscribe to all of your favorite Podcasts with one click.
4. Browse 510 Internet TV stations and watch right from the Media Guide. Even find shows recommended by hundreds of members.

The Media Guide is a simple, click-oriented interface which makes finding what you want a no-brainer. What impresses me the most is how many streams and podcasts are indexed and how quick the search function is.

Radio Streams and More

The full version of Replay Radio can capture:

    Streaming audio
    Windows media
    Real Audio
    XM Online
    XM Hardware
    External input (line or microphone)

If you have a dial-up connection, the program will connect for you automatically and then begin the recording you've instructed it to do. But, Replay Radio has more: it permits you to schedule a list of Radio programs to record (one-at-a-time, of course) or if you're working online and decide you would like to capture the audio you're listening to, you can launch the "Quick Record" option.

Pick a radio show or radio station from the built-in lists or type in your own URL, decide what time the recording should start and stop, then select MP3 (compact, standard or FM quality) or wav.

Once your program is recorded, Replay Radio will automatically convert the file to MP3 (AM, FM or CD quality), Ogg or .WMA formats. But, there are more automatic options: after conversion, Replay Radio will even automatically burn your file to CD or make a data CD.

In Radio Replay's main windows, you can maintain a list of Radio shows you want to record on a regular basis along with their scheduled times. Optionally, you can select programs from your list to NOT record.

In addition to online recording, Radio Replay even lets you record any audio signal from the input line to your soundcard or an attached microphone, which sounds rather banal after seeing how well it performs its other function.

Replay Radio includes a handy tool called the URL Finder, explained this way:

"The URL Finder is a tool that helps you determine the URL for the audio feed when it's not listed in Replay Radio's pre-selected list of shows and stations. Many radio station sites have a pop-up window appear when you click on the "listen live" link, which obscures the actual URL needed to tune to the program. This tool makes it easy to retrieve the URL, and to test it before adding the show to your schedule."

Retrieve Podcasts

Finding and subscribing to Podcasts is done through the Media Guide. You can search by Top Rated shows, category, Podcast name, and other ways. Once you have found a Podcast you’re interested in, you can play it from within the Media Guide, download a particular show episode, subscribe to a Podcast by automatically moving it to iTunes, mark an episode as a favorite, convert automatically to iPod bookmarkable, burn podcasts directly to CDs and check for new shows at specified times or intervals.

Replay Radio is a premiere application suited to handle most any online and offline recording needs. The developers have been meticulous in correcting any bugs, adding fixes and continually making the product better.

The full version of Replay Radio is $49.95 and considering how much it offers, this is one software investment you don't have to justify.

Visit the Replay Radio Website (Buy Direct).

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