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Free And Easy: Freecorder Records Streaming Audio

Dateline: 06/28/04


Applian Technologies
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Applian Technologies, Inc has released its latest version of Freecorder, a freeware alternative for recording streaming audio.

Freecorder works great. For those who have basic needs for recording streaming audio, such as your favorite online Internet radio station, this application can easily do the job.

When you install Freecorder for the first time, you are automatically taken to a configuration screen which allows you to easily choose:

1. The folder you want your recorded files
2. Whether you want to be prompted for a file name before or after recording
3. The output quality (64Kbps or 128 Kbps)
4. An option to eliminate silence from streams you are recording
5. An option to optimize mixer volume for recording
6. The option to choose which sound card to record from (if you have more than one) and
7. The option to decided the source of your audio (line in, Auxiliary, CD or microphone)

Once you have setup the program, there’s just one thing to do: press the big record button. Freecorder begins to capture the audio and shows you the status of the capture by displaying the incoming audio on its built-in VU meter (Volume Unit). Freecorder also includes free online help, should you need it.

For the benefit of this free application, Freecorder displays a small advertisement on the bottom for Applian Technologies other, more advanced products such as Replay-Radio, their "VCR for Radio" (see review here), Radio Wizard, a "Tivo-type" application for streaming audio, and other audio-related software items.

Freecorder is a handy little utility and at the moment, my pick for easiest and cheapest solution for recording streaming audio.

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