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Review: WMA MP3 Recorder Professional

Record Streaming Audio Easily With WMA MP3 Recorder Pro


WMA/MP3 Recorder Professional

WMA MP3 Recorder Professional

i-Sound has released a piece of software for recording streaming audio which is top notch. It’s called the WMA MP3 Recorder Professional and has everything most users could ever need for a variety of applications.

You can record sound from any internal or external source into WMA MP3 format. That means if if the audio can pass through your soundcard you can capture it.

The setup is easy and what’s particularly helpful is the “Mixer Control” which pops up during setup to allow you to select your recording device. At that time, you are give the option to choose “Mixer Lock” which prevents other pieces of software from switching mixer controls during recording.

WMA MP3 Recorder Professional features a real-time audio strength meter so you can see how loud or soft the audio signal actually is with a convenient volume control to insure no distortion.

Immediately after installing, I selected an Internet audio source for listening and WMA MP3 Recorder Professional recorded the audio stream flawlessly into an .mp3 file. Playback of the file was without any glitches.

WMA MP3 Recorder Professional allows you to choose other file formats too: Ogg Vorbis, Windows Media 9, .wav, or Monkey’s Audio. You can also select sample rates, stereo or mono, and the compression level (fast, normal, high or extra high).

WMA MP3 Recorder Professional has a host of other features which you will find helpful.

It has a timer and scheduler which will let you setup up as many different automatic recordings as you wish.


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