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How to Record and Edit Audio with Multitrack Software Like Audacity

A Video Tutorial


Audacity Recorder

Audacity Recorder

Audacity is a great choice of free software for people looking to record and edit audio. It's easy to use, yet powerful. And just like everything else in life: once someone shows you how it's done, it doesn't seem as daunting.

Multi-track recording software all work on a basic principle: stacking audio and then tweaking each individual track so it's just loud or soft enough, contains the desired effects (like reverb), and when played back outputs a cohesive final mix.

I've created a short video tutorial on how to record and edit with Audacity which I have placed at my personal website, radioEARTH. You can view it online.

I've also created "Learn To Edit Audio Like A Radio Pro". This is a free 4-day online editing course that will teach you how to edit like a Radio professional.

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