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iHeartRadio's War for Millions of Listeners


iHeartRadio Logo

iHeartRadio Logo

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We're becoming a little insensitive to big numbers. The national debt is close to 16 trillion, Facebook has over 800 million users and will hit a billion by August, and then there's this: iHeartRadio has reached 10 million users in eight months.

What? 10 Million? It almost seems paltry in comparison to all the other billions and trillions we are constantly fending off from press releases and news stories.

But, 10 million isn't a bad run for an app that relaunched last summer under a newly-released competitive war against Pandora and other similar streaming services.

Perspective from 2004:

In January, 2004 Arbitron said the AOL Radio@Network had a weekly cume of 1,343,739 people. (Cume is the number of different or non-duplicated persons or households listening during a specified period.)

LAUNCH was next with 702,934.

MusicMatch had 467,272.

Notably, all of these early streaming portals are gone now, absorbed into bigger entities.

Jump to February, 2005

Yahoo!'s LAUNCHcast touted 1,351,300 cume listeners between 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday - Friday.

America Online's AOL Radio Network was right behind with 1,223,600.

Third was Microsoft's MSN Radio and WindowsMedia.com with 481,200.

By the time we were entering 2006 the headline at this website was "Online Internet Radio Ratings: Over 7 Million Listeners Per Week."

Well, Internet radio has come a long, long way since then.

Internet Radio Today

In March of 2012, Pandora told the press it had a weekly cume of 23,874,175 listeners who were age 18-49. Pandora also recently said that the service's "active" listeners totaled 51.9 million at the end of April, 2012.

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