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A Profile of Radio Personality Mike Gallagher


Mike Gallagher, Radio Personality

Mike Gallagher, Radio Personality

Screenshot: www.mikeonline.com
Beginnings: Mike began in Radio at age 17 when he was a Senior in High School. His first job was at WAVI in Dayton, Ohio. He did stints at WFBC, Greenville, South Carolina, WGY, Albany, New York, WABC, New York City.

Syndication: In 2001, Mike's original syndication company was purchased by Salem Radio Network of Dallas, Texas where his show now originates from. Mike's show now reaches 2.75 million listeners each week.

Claim to Fame: After Mike was hired at his first job at WAVI, the station subsequently found out he was only 17 and made him contractually agree not to reveal his age to his audience.

Online: Visit Mike Gallagher online at www.mikeonline.com.

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