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A Profile of Radio Personality Lars Larson


Lars Larson, Radio Personality

Lars Larson, Radio Personality

Screenshot: www.larslarson.com
Personal: Larson has been married to Tina since 1997, has a step-daughter and a step-son. His hobbies include hunting, reading and irritating liberals. He's known to carry a 9mm Sig Sauer.

Radio: Conservative talk show host Lars Larson does two daily radio shows, originating out of KXL-AM in Portland and heard on 150 stations nationwide.

Beginnings: Larson began his radio career in the northwest at KTIL/Tillamook in 1975 and has spent the better part of his Portland radio days at KXL-AM, arriving in 1980, leaving in 1983 and coming back in 1995.

Lars began his national show September 1, 2003

Awards: Larson has won over 75 broadcast awards, including a Peabody and two Emmy Awards.

Online: Visit Lars Larson at www.larslarson.com

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