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A Profile of Radio Personality John & Ken


John & Ken, KFI Radio Personalities

John & Ken, KFI Radio Personalities

Photo: KFI-AM
Basics: John and Ken's show originates from KFI-AM 640 in Los Angeles. It airs locally from 3 - 7 p.m.

Real Names: John Kobylt, Ken Chiampou

Beginnings: John was a sportswriter and college drop out. Ken was an accountant.

They met at WOMD-AM, Atlantic City, New Jersey where they worked individually and together.

They moved on to WMGM-FM, Atlantic City then to WKXW in Trenton, New Jersey.

Eventually, found themselves in California in 1992 where they debuted on KFI-AM 640. John & Ken worked for a while at 790 KABC-AM and then returned to KFI-AM 640.

Online: Visit John & Ken at www.kfiam640.com.

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