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A Profile of Radio Personality Alan Colmes



Colmes began in Radio in 1979. He was soon noticed by WABC, New York in 1982 and hired for that station's new talk format where he did the late night shift

In 1984, WABC moved Colmes to mornings. A few years later, Colmes moved over to WNBC, New York to do afternoons.

He had stints at WMCA, New York and later WZLX, Boston.

In October 1, 1990, Colmes became part of Daynet, a new talk-radio network where his show was syndicated.

In 1998, Colmes began a local New York Show on WEVD where he did the 11 PM - 2AM shift.

Alan Colmes began a syndicated show with the Fox Radio Network in early 2005.


Colmes was brought on to Fox News in 1996 where he was teamed up with Sean Hannity for "Hannity & Colmes". He has since left that position but is still a Fox News contributor.

Claim to Fame:

The last voice heard on WNBC, WMCA and WEVD before all these New York stations went off the air for good.


Visit Alan Colmes website (Alan Colmes' Liberaland) at www.alan.com.
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