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A Profile of Radio Personality Eggman


Eggman, radio talk personality

Eggman, radio talk personality

Screenshot: ktok.com
Personal: Real name: Greg Moore. Born in Arkansas, Eggman has a daughter and is husband to "Mrs. Egg".

Radio: Eggman started working on the radio at age 16 in Arkansas.

After a move to Oklahoma City in 1981, he served as an on-air host at a number of local radio stations before teaming up with Mark Shannon at KRXO-FM. Eggman has also worked in WWMG-FM/Charlotte, North Carolina, Denver, and Information Radio Network in Memphis.

Eggman returned to Oklahoma City in August, 2010 to replace former partner, Mark Shannon, at KTOK-AM, a news/talk radio station. Eggman's show airs 4 - 7 p.m., weekdays. Shannon passed away in May, 2010.

Claim to Fame: Eggman is credited with coining the much-repeated phrase, "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"

Online: You can listen to Eggman and KTOK Newsradio at the KTOK website.

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