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A Profile of Radio Personality Cigar Dave


Radio Host Cigar Dave

Radio Host Cigar Dave

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Overview: Cigar Dave talks about "Cigars, Spirits, Diversions, Dice, Games, the Good Life"

Personal: - David Zeplowitz aka Cigar Dave was born in Buffalo, New York and graduated Syracuse University in 1986. He currently resides in Tampa, Florida.

Radio: The Cigar Dave Show is heard Saturday from Noon to 2 p.m. ET. and is syndicated through Cigar Connoisseur Radio Network to affiliates, online, and SIRIUS XM radio.

Beginnings: - Cigar Dave's radio career began in 1995 with a one-hour show on WSUN/Tampa called Smoke This! It quickly expanded to two-hours a few months later.

Cigar Dave's Nicknames: "The General", "The King of Coronas, "The Pope of Panatelas", "The Rabbit of Robustos", "The Sultan of Smoke", "The Professor of Puff", "The Prince of Pleasure", "The Cigar Sommelier", and "The Connoisseur-in-Chief".

Greeting: As with many popular talk show hosts, listeners have a special greeting for Cigar Dave when they call: "Long Ashes"

Did You Know: - Cigar Dave says his appreciation for cigars came from his grandfather, "Cigar Abe".

Online: You can listen online or download podcasts at CigarDave.com

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