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A Profile of Radio Host Jerry Doyle


Radio Talk Show Host Jerry Doyle

Radio Talk Show Host Jerry Doyle

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Overview: Jerry Doyle is a conservative radio talk show host with a no-holds-barred on-air style.

Prior to his career in talk radio, Doyle was a former Wall Street Insider, TV star, and jet pilot. He has starred in several made-for-TV movies, but is best known as the character "Michael Garibaldi" on the Emmy winning Sci-Fi television series Babylon 5 which ran for five years.

Radio: The Jerry Doyle Show airs live Monday - Friday 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. ET.

Doyles' radio show is syndicated by Talk Radio Network (TRN) and as of this writing airs on several hundred affiliates across the United States.

Books: Doyle is the author of Have You Seen My Country Lately?. (Compare Prices)

Awards: Doyle has received several awards including Honorary F-16 Test Pilot, Honorary Naval Aviator and Distinguished Supporter of the Nation's Space Program.

Video: Free video archives of The Jerry Doyle Show are available online, featuring short segments and highlights of each day's program. Visit jerrydoyle.com/video.

Online: For more information visit www.talkradionetwork.com and www.jerrydoyle.com.

Doyle's show is also available on www.stitcher.com, a service which allows users to listen to radio shows on demand including apps for: iPhone, android, palm and blackberry phones.

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