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Newsmax to Syndicate Steve Malzberg Radio Show

Will Offer Live Video Stream


Steve Malzberg, Newsmax Radio

Steve Malzberg, Newsmax Radio

Photo: Newsmax Media, Inc.
Conservative radio personality Steve Malzberg has been selected to host a new daily, multi-platform show which will originate from Newsmax's studio at the company's New York City location. The Steve Malzberg Show will debut on Monday, February 4, 2013 and will air daily from 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. EST both on radio stations and through a live video simulcast on Newsmax TV. The show will also air on SiriusXM's America's Talk (XM channel 166).

The Steve Malzberg Show will be the first Newsmax TV offering to be streamed live. The company plans to develop a free, 24/7 streaming channel during the course of the next several months, according to spokeperson, Scott Roxenblum.

Newsmax Broadcasting plans to build a terrestrial radio network of station affiliates to support The Steve Malzberg Show. Newsmax promises that local station who carry the program will benefit from the website's audience and marketing reach which now numbers 10 million viewers nationwide. "This is a win-win for radio," said Ted Goldenberg, the Director of Programming for Newsmax TV.

Steve Malzberg is a veteran radio host, most recently heard on WOR/New York (710 AM) and syndicated by WOR Radio Network. Malzberg spent twenty-five years in various positions at WABC/New York (770 AM) including hosting overnights, co-hosting an afternoon show with Reichard Bey, and a sports commentator.

In 2004 Malzberg shifted over to WWRL/New York (1660 AM) where he co-hosted a morning show with Karen Hunter, a columnist for the New York Daily News. Malzberg went back to WABC in 2006 to do sports and then in 2007 replaced Lionel on WOR's early evening shift and the WOR Radio Network. The show soon moved to late afternoons on WOR. At the height of his syndication, Malzberg's show was heard in 75 cities.

In September 2011, Malzberg informed his audience that his contract had not been renewed

Steve Malzberg is often called on as a guest for a multitude of well-known shows including Fox & Friends, Hannity & Colmes, The O'Reilly Factor, Dayside, and others. He has appeared on Fox News Channel, CNN, and MSNBC to name a few.

“When I first heard Steve Malzberg on WABC he was an innovator on bridging radio content with other media. He developed that talent further at WOR with ratings success, and I think he will bring the same type of innovation and success to Newsmax TV,” said Christopher Ruddy, the CEO of Newsmax Media.

Malzberg is a regular columnist for Newsmax and is very positive about this new venture. "I have been a fan of Newsmax for many years...[and]...I could not be more thrilled and excited to be on board with this organization, taking part in what I believe is the ‘next big thing’ that will revolutionize the talk business. We will all be making history..."

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