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In Search of Radio's "Mountain Man"

Duck Dynasty's Tim Guraedy


T-Shirt Displaying Photo and Signature of

T-Shirt Displaying Photo and Signature of "Mountain Man", Tim Guraedy

Screenshot: T-Shirt featuring "Mountain Man" Tim Guraedy
Now, let me tell you there is no shortage of of "Z Country" stations out there in places like Hersey, PA, Harrisburg, PA, Uhrichsville, OH, Colby, WI, etc. What I came up with was Z107.5 in Ruston, Louisiana (technically "Big Z Country"). It's about 30 miles from West Monroe, home base for "Duck Dynasty" and Mountain Man.

I think I pinpointed the right station but I can't be completely sure. Mountain Man is not listed on the website but, then again, only the full-time staffers are. I think Guraedy is a part-time, weekender. I am forced into a bit of speculation based on the sparse facts I have gathered.

The Point of This Exercise

In a radio world where big corporations own hundreds of radio stations - often dictating formats, programming, and replicating the same content across many markets - I think it's refreshing to come across anything on the radio that breaks the mold of regularity and repetiveness.

Besides "Duck Dynasty" being one of my new favorites TV shows, The Mountain Man segment in episode #23 was refreshing and entertaining. Both the guests - Willie and Si Robertson - and the host, Mountain Man, had me smiling. Couple that with a radio angle and to me it was even more rewarding.

You can see a clip of the Robertsons appearing on Mountain Man's radio show at the aetv.com website. Click on Episode 23 - "Good Morning West Monroe"

UPDATE: After this article posted I received this: "This is Patrick Hall the Co-Host and creator of the "Mountain Man Radio Show." Man did you do some research on Mountain Man. He can be heard on 'Big Z Country' Friday's 3p-6p central time. It is a 'Hot Country' format radio program with long talking bits due to Mountain Man speaking soooooo slow. Please tune in online at Z1075fm.com www.z1075fm.com and/or download the free app from the android or Iphone. - Patrick."

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