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In Search of Radio's "Mountain Man"

Duck Dynasty's Tim Guraedy


"Mountain Man" from A&E's "Duck Dynasty"

Screenshot: aetv.com
I was watching the reality TV show "Duck Dynasty" recently when several of the show's main characters, Willie and Si Robertson, went on a radio show near their hometown of West Monroe, Louisiana hosted by a radio personality by the name of "Mountain Man."

I was transfixed by the host.

Mountain Man is a deliberately-spoken, heavily bearded, camouflage-dressed anomaly in a radio world dominated by voices and cadences we are constantly conditioned to listen to. Watching Mountain Man on this segment of "Duck Dynasty" piqued my curiosity. It was humorous, amusing, and not exactly what you would expect to hear on the radio.

So, I began to research Mountain Man. This was not an easy task. Actually, it required my best search engine sleuthing skills. Initially, all I could find was a "Mountain Man Duck Dynasty" Facebook page. I left a message for Mountain Man and told him I was seeking some information on him.

There was no reply.

I went back to the Facebook page and began looking around again. I found a couple of photos of T-shirts with Mountain Man's picture on them. Then, below his picture I noticed a signature. At first I thought it was "Jim Guraedy" and began search Google. Nothing. Then, I looked again and realized the "J" was a "T." I searched again and found a Facebook page for Tim Guraedy. Based on the photos I quickly realized I had found Mountain Man.

I discovered that Guraedy is originally from Portland, Tennessee and studied at Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin, Tennessee. He now lives in West Monroe, Louisiana. Sometimes, Facebook profiles are quite insuffcient.

So, I went to YouTube and began searching for clips of Mountain Man. That was a waste of time. Finally, I went back to A&E's website (the program's host network) and found a clip of the episode I first spotted Mountain Man. I lucked out because Guraedy was taking calls for his guests and it went by quickly but I heard him say, "Z Country."

Now, at least I had a station name. Back to Google.

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