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Conservative Radio Talk Show Host Andrew Wilkow Joins TheBlazeTV Online Network

Host of "Wilkow Majority" to Add TV Duties to Daily Radio Show


Radio Host Andrew Wilkow

Radio Host Andrew Wilkow

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"The arguments on this radio program cannot be broken. We're right, they're wrong. That's the end of the story. Sirius XM Patriot." - Andrew Wilkow

Things are happening for SIRIUS XM conservative talk show host Andrew Wilkow. Wilkow joined SIRIUS in August of 2006 and since then this native New Yorker has been steadily gaining an audience and building his credibility.

Wilkow calls his radio show The Wilkow Majority and it's impressed not only listeners but now, talk giant Glenn Beck. Beck, who built his name on radio but expanded his audience on Fox News Channel now owns and runs TheBlazeTV (formerly GBTV.)

Now, Wilkow has been hired by Beck and to do his own primetime TV show on TheBlazezTV. The program is scheduled to debut late this summer.

Wilkow grew up in Bellmore, New York and is a graduate of University of Florida. He began his career in college, first on WDTU at SUNY Delhi, a small technology college in New York, and later at the University of Florida's WRUF-FM.

After school, Andrew Wilkow took jobs at WZNS/Ft. Walton Beach, Florida and WCLG-FM/Morgantown, West Virginia. Then, in April of 2002 Wilkow went to work part-time at WABC/New York for Phil Boyce. While working at WABC he did worked full-time at WGY/Albany.

It was Mel Karmazin, then the CEO of SIRIUS Satellite Radio who heard Wilkow on WABC in 2005 and hired the talker. Wilkow joined the satellite radio provider in August of 2006 and is now heard on SIRIUS XM Patriot (SIRIUS channel 125 and XM channel 125)

What Makes Wilkow Stand Out?

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