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Radio Listener Sues DJ After He Promises She Has Won "100 Grand"

...Unfortunately He Was Only Prepared to Offer A Candy Bar


Updated June 25, 2005
A Lexington, Kentucky DJ is being sued by a listener who thought she won $100,000 in a radio contest only to find out the DJ was merely prepared to award her a "100 Grand" candy bar.

According to the complainant, Norreasha Gill, DJ Slick, from WLTO-FM (Hot 92), announced the 10th caller would receive “100 Grand”. Gill “reasonably believed she would receive $100,000 if she were the 10th caller”, according to the lawsuit.

The suit goes on to say DJ Slick knew the prize was really not $100,000 and falsely represented the prize with the intention to “cheat, defraud, and play a malicious joke upon plaintiff”.

Gill says she was the 10th caller and DJ Slick told her she had won “100 Grand”. Gill was informed to show up at the Central Bank building the next day to receive her prize where she was then told it was simply a prank.

A WLTO-FM executive reiterated to Gill that the contest was a “joke” and that she would not be receiving the money.

Gill’s attorney, Lee Van Horn, filed the suit on Gill’s behalf and is seeking not only the $100,000 dollars but interest, punitive damages, her costs, and a trial by jury.

This is not the first time this particular radio stunt has been pulled. You can hear audio of the original instance here.

What do some people think? At MonkeyFilter.com where another account of this lawsuit was blogged, some chose to post comments:

“Good lord, I hope she wins. DJ Slick is lucky he is still alive.” - Zanshin

"Chalk this one up as yet another example of I can't take a joke so I'll sue. Sad, Sad, Sad." - squeak

“…I don't think she has a case in the court of law. She didnt LOSE anything- she thought she had gained something, but hadn't. She didnt have any sort of contract with the station or the DJ- its not a like a formal contest with printed rules…However, I'm sure she will triumph in the court of public opinion, where the station will fire the DJ and/or buy her off with some sort of prize...” - drjimmy11

“I think she deserves to win $100k. If he had left it at "our loyal listeners with a chance to Win 100 GRAND!!!! It's sitting in a bag to my left ready for someone to take off with just like the Runaway bride," then I would say, well....she probably can't take a joke. However, by adding that the tenth caller would be "100 GRAND RICHER!!!" No joke. That did two things. First, it seriously implied money, with the "richer" bit.” - Sandspider

WLTO-FM (Hot 92) is owned by Cumulus Media, Inc.

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