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Radio Stunts & Hoaxes

DJs and Radio hosts are notorious for pulling stunts and hoaxes. They bring visibility to radio shows and help to raise the ratings. Here is an archive of news and other articles pertaining to that.

April Fools Jokes - Radio Pulls 'em and You Keep Falling for 'em
Over the years radio hosts and deejays have pranked audiences, pranked unsuspecting people on the phone, pranked their own co-workers, and generally gotten away with it...especially on April Fool's Day. Read more.

A Short History of Outrageous Radio Deejay Prank Calls
Two Australian deejays, posing as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, recently became the center of controversy because of a prank phone call they conducted to the hospital treating Kate Middle, the Duchess of Cambridge. The aftermath was ugly: a nurse that put the call through committed suicide. Controversy erupted and outrage was levied...

Nurse Found Dead After Australian Deejays Prank Call Her
Australian deejays, Mel Greig and Michael Christian, made a prank call to the hospital where Kate Middleton was staying posing as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. It's not the first time radio personalities have prank-called a celebrity or high profile person. But, the nurse who mistakenly put the call through committed suicide shortly...

Classic April Fools' Jokes Heard on the Radio
April 1 - April Fools Day - has traditionally manifested itself as stunts and hoaxes through radio shows around the world. After all: What radio host can turn down an opportunity to get people talking about his or her show or station? Unfortunately, not all pranks have always turned out for the better. Below are some of the classic April...

Radio Contests: To Die for, Literally
People have done crazy things to win radio station contests. One woman even died a few years ago from water intoxication after participating in a contest in pursuit of a Nintendo Wii. Every person who enters a radio station contest has to initially decide what kind of trade-off they are willing accept. Sometimes, it's not really worth winning a...

How St. Patrick Became Synonymous With One of Radio's Most Outrageous Stunts
In August, 2002 New York radio hosts Opie & Anthony became legendary for a radio stunt performed in St. Patrick's Cathedral by a man and woman who had sex on behalf of the radio show. Read more.

Radio Pranks, Stunts, and Hoaxes From 2007
2007 was a relatively quiet year when it came to pranks, stunts, hoaxes, and contests mostly because of a contest tragedy which began the year and cast a shadow over much of the rest of it. After a woman in Sacramento, California, died from water intoxication after participating in a contest to win a Wii game console, the business took a step back. See other notables from the past year.

Radio Pranks, Stunts, and Hoaxes From 2006
Radio shows and Radio stations are constantly conducting promotions, stunts, pranks, and hoaxes in the hopes of getting attention and raising ratings. This year, even one advertiser pushed the limits for attention. Here is just a sampling of the more interesting "high profile" moments from 2006.

Radio Hoaxes
Radio hoaxes are as old as Radio itself. Sometimes they have been intentionally perpetrated by DJs looking for more ratings and listeners. But, other times Radio has simply been the medium where they were innocently started by a single phone call or rumor. Here is a chronology of some classic Radio hoaxes 91ZM Tom Cruise Ian Stables.

Radio Stunts: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
DJs and Radio stations have a long history of pulling off stunts. They bring visibility to radio shows and help to raise the ratings. But, not all stunts go well. Here's a list from 2003 that certainly didn't.

Radio Listener Sues DJ After He Promises She Has Won "100 Grand"
A Lexington, Kentucky DJ is being sued by a listener who thought she won $100,000 in a radio contest only to find out the DJ was only prepared to award her 100 Grand candy bar.

The Radio Broadcast That Panicked America
On October 30, 1938, Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre performed a radio play based on an H.G. Wells story entitled "War of the Worlds". The national broadcast caused panic and mass hysteria as listeners began to believe Martians had landed in New Jersey and were taking over the world. Here are links to the original audio and related resources.

Stats Are In: Another Great Year For Radio Pranks On April Fools Day
One again April Fools Day came and DJs across the country - and the world - couldn't help but pull a few pranks to get attention. Here now are some highlights of this year's best (or maybe we should say worst) April Fools stunts from various radio show and stations. Details.

Miami DJs Create Latest Radio Hoax
Two Miami, Florida Disc-Jockeys staged a prank phone call and masqueraded as the Dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro. The man they were calling, Venezuela President, Hugo Chavez, fell for it. Yet, another entry into the Radio Hoax Hall of Fame.

Norweigan DJ Makes Boat Out Of Dead Pig
Recently, at the Norwegian Quart Festival, Norweigan comedian/DJ, Kristopher Shau attached an engine to a dead pig and used it as a boat. Oh, and then, the next day, he doused it with gasoline and barbecued it. Not to mention the Enema competition. There's more....

DJ Takes Over Station, Threatens To Jump
A Romanian DJ seized his own radio station and threatened to jump off a balcony. Read more.

No "Butts" About It: Radio Station Forks Over Settlement For Bad Stunt
A Birmingham, England radio station has settled with a contestant who's buttocks was injured while sitting on dry ice during a radio stunt. More Details

South African DJ Suspended After On-Air "Interview" With Jesus
A South African DJ was suspended for several days after airing a skit involving an interview with Jesus Christ. He says he was only trying to do a parody on "The Passion of The Christ". Full Story

Metallica Hoax Fools Radio
Countless Radio shows this week fell for a Metallica hoax. A fake news story reported that a lawsuit had been filed by the heavy-metal veterans against a Canadian band because it was using the chords "E" a "F" in a Metallica-branded way. Well, plenty of Radio personalities jumped on the bogus press release and were taken for a ride. Usually, it's the people on the Radio who perpetrate the hoaxes

New Zealand Radio Hoax: Date With Tom Cruise Crashes
On the heels of the recent Radio hoax where two Miami DJs placed a phone call to the President of Venezuela and used sound bites to impersonate Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, comes a new one from New Zealand. This time the DJ promised listeners a dream date with Tom Cruise. It was a lie.

Miami Morning Radio Host Takes Himself Off the Air to Run For Mayor
Enrique Santos, one-half of the high-profile Miami morning show which made prank calls to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has decided to run for mayor of that city. Read more...

Australian Radio Station to Do Continuous On-Air Harry Potter Reading
Later this week the worldwide sales embargo on the latest Harry Potter book will be lifted. As soon as "Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince" goes on sale, Australian radio station, 973FM will read J.K. Rowling's sixth book on the air in its entirety.

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