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Radio Station Claims Listeners Control Music Through App



A report came out on Saturday originating from Eric Deggans at the Tampa Bay Times. Deggans who wrote in part: "Cox Radio made a bit of radio history Friday, turning Tampa Bay area alternative-rock station WSUN-FM (97.1, 97X) into the first local station — and the second in the nation — where every song played is chosen by fans through a free smartphone app."

If you go to the 97x website, it's quite clear from the greeting at the top of the page: "Get the App. Control the Music."

The App is available from iTunes and Google play.

When I accessed the station's online player, I first heard "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger, It's one of my favorite songs so I was already pleased.

At the end of the Harvey Danger song, a Siri-like voice came on and the station played a recorded sweeper to connect into the next song.

"97x, You control the music. Vote now." Then a voice mail or recording from a listener continued. "This is Dan and I'd like to hear Nine Inch Nails." The stilted female voice came back and suggest "Got it. Playing now on 97x."

After the NIN song. the same Siri-like voice came back and the same process was played out again, this time with another guy's recorded song request. He wanted "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Joy Division.

I waited through the song wondering what the Siri-clone would say next.

Finally, she spoke:

"You Control the Music: 97x"

A Day to Remember began playing "It's Complicated."

I noticed it was exactly 3:00 a.m. and there I was listening to a distant, automated radio station with the voice of a smart phone and the internal guts of voice mail recordings.

If I hadn't been doing "research" I might have left just then. But, I hung in there.

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